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How to Predictably Grow Bone with Dr. Tim Kosinski (DHP291)


Name is Jay Phillips J. Lips they called him Jay Liz. So Dr Jason Lipscomb joining me. After a long day of seeing dental patients like in a relatively normal fashion or the day. Yeah not along was. It was a relatively short day. Yeah it was not an a normal day per se. Well let's okay. Let me go back so your state allowed dental offices to to non emergent care starting on. I think it was Friday so it was like a week ago Friday and so and so you have like Friday and then Monday Tuesday. It's Wednesday night right now. So you've seen patients for several days. Tell me everything. Tell us everything that the listeners in states like Michigan want to know stay on quarantine. I don't I understand a little bit but I also might do. I'm really I'm really itching to get going in La tell you what? Let me just give you this last weekend. Particularly last Thursday Friday I was in a bad place. Man I was in really bad place because I had gotten. I'd gotten expectations up like that. We're going to be going back sooner rather than later. It's the stocks the stock the L. Paradox. I'm telling posted only listen to me. Alan and I well in any case I got my hopes up and it was. It was really ugly for me so I had a couple of days. I was really down. I shoot I had to like I was going to have a talk with Jason Smithson. I ended up canceling because I like. I hadn't slept all night. It's terrible I was a mess but now I'm just resolved that I'm GonNa need to find another job. I think I'm going to think I'M GONNA see of Walmart's hiring I could be essential at Walmart. You know what I'm saying the podcast we could do that. Yeah maybe I'll start a podcast. I don't know what's bad things. I got nothing but Virginia on the other hand has opened up to dentistry. And I'm I'm curious to hear like so. Tell us tells everything what's the thing you what's the thing that feels the different Est. Dentist is wearing all the stuff that I have to wear and just the process of taking it on taking it off to I. Can I wear this code of there do what I do over here? If I'm checking hygiene what I do with this. You know this is all causing me. A lot of money spent more on in the past month and a half that I've produced in the past six days that type thing you know rattling around the rat trap up there I okay so I the thing is funny because it's hard to find but then when you find it it's very expensive like there is. There is no doubt that there is price gouging going on and I mean what are you GonNa do? It is what it is I ordered I ordered some gowns from Amazon yesterday. I talked to my talk to my hygienist about how she's feeling about other stuff. I explained all the P that I've gotten End Like I have in ninety five mass surgical masks. I have fe shields coming out my ears. Which is really painful. You'd be surprised I have But I did not have. I was GONNA stick with like gowns gowns and she. She told me she'd feel better evening. Evening you go. I like off the shoulder sequence. Exactly yeah I guess not to sugar I so. I got some gowns from Amazon. Actually got some disposable gowns from Amazon and their normal date was of delivery was like June something of course but if for an extra fifty bucks. They're happy to get it to you in you know sooner so I pay for expedited shipping. I hope that that wasn't a wasted. Fifty Bucks was damage zones interesting. I've been on Amazon. Prime doesn't mean two days anymore. Not even close Amazon. Prime is like well you might get it. Maybe so anyhow I get paid I paid more for. I've paid quite a bit for pc glad that I'm able to get it at this point. My hope is that the the supply lines get a little bit more reliable and maybe a little bit less pricy on that stuff. Jason is shaking and he thinks delusional. Maybe I am pretty sure yard there. Jay Glazer briefly from crazy dental last night. And he said you know they tried to fulfill orders and then expect a shipment in and that morning they'll call and say you know somebody had cove it at the warehouse and the shipment or the truck driver got sick and he's not coming he said there's no guarantee in anything right now so well and I've heard a little bit that I've heard that they actually like your shipment may be sold the someone else. That's kind of what I've heard like. The story is is like the if they're being manufactured in China or Bangladesh or whatever if they get a better offer the shipment that your promised may not make it to you because the wholesalers are Kinda sticking it to each other apparently. So it's a it's a it's a it's the wild west in the manufacture it is. I've ordered some reusable gowns that somebody's shared. May that are actually spray about. So you can actually spray them off as you go to order. Several of those Gardellin is when those will come in funny like you're living the one thing you know they did. Charge your credit card as soon as you hit order and you're like yeah. I might get this someday. Maybe be good our as a mask and this all the stuff I started to March thirteenth. I since paid the credit card bill in there and I keep looking at the shipment in in the details on shipping. Get foggier and Foggier as I look at them. Track package hit packaging. You actually hear a guy going. That's what happens when you hit back. I get it. Yeah so so so you have. The is a lot of fun. Sounds like what what is your. What is your gear choice at this point what do you what are you having to wear with your with your gear right now. We're in a K ninety five mask with a class. One mask top of it just to soil. Got My face visor that I got from crazy dental that bunch of them. Yeah they had a little availability. I have changed the starting to wearing it around my neck basing upwards yup which is a lot better change My mother-in-law sent me some surgical caps. Which I've never really born before so okay. Surgical caps now disposable gown You know all all the usual stuff changing your shoes. Different issues at the office about some hydrochloric acid That I'm spraying on my pants and stuff like that intermittently. A have that in a humidifier in one of the opertors so con continuously Pumping out headquarters acid and then around the corner. It sounds great. I'll beat heard HYPOC. Lorus acid is is what they call weak ass gas. We gas it. Yes I guess you're kind of a weak ass it Jason Superlative so at every go. Yeah so You know it's interesting not a ton of leadership on exactly what we should be doing. There's there's all kinds of recommendations from all over the place and then the state which is the state's there's well okay the CDC and Osha have some recommendations but their recommendations they're not in this different states apparently in Texas. You like if you have a face shield and a class three surgical mask in. That's okay but but in in I think in Texas they're not allowing that or they are now or I like your suggestion of an end. Ninety five hod piece I feel like that is probably you WanNa talk protection now. We're talking wrongs junk. Yeah baby yeah baby and more comfortable than than wearing it on your face to if you get the right size. That is an in high school. I was concerned about a baseball. And then my forties Kobe. You've got the covert they call it. Some people called the Kobe Cup. If you will in. That's yeah so we're good with that so it can be too cautious so the PB is pretty uncomfortable and it is it. Does it keep you from doing work or once? You're kind of in it and used to it. Are you able to are able to work around it? One thing I've noticed is just with the face shows the depth perception. Like I mean we're we're we're working in like fractions of a millimeter. You know a couple of instances where have almost drop things just because it's just throwing me off just to just add stuff. That is not good to hear. That is not really here. Let's just different than just all of a sudden. You GotTa do if you've got this this mask on here. I'm trying to talk to somebody and stop like mid sentence because there is not not a lot of their for sure not a lot of air dry. I get that I get that man. So what are you finding? Are you guys doing hygiene right now? Somewhat we're not doing doing some scaling and staff or not really doing any. No ultrasonic aerosol okay so it's sort of it's sort of a a modified hygiene schedule. It sounds like yeah. This is very very light. Are you guys doing the thing? Where you're like staggering appointment time. So people can you know like that's? I mean I know there's a lot of different talk it and I gotta say with all the PB requirements. In all the everything else I feel like I feel like a practice that I I know. I've said this on the show before a practice that real hygiene heavy where they'd have like a high volume of Hijaz. Don't see that at least for a while unless they have a line of rims thirty rooms lined up. Just ain't going to happen. Knows I mean they say the Aerosol stays in the three hours who knows how much of it stays in there who knows is is twenty minutes. Really going to be okay. Here's and don't be the biggest problem is you just said they say that. Who is they them? No offense but have now the evidence the evidence on all this stuff is so bad and I'm talking about UCD in Osha. You're not real big on citing evidence. You're just big on making recommendations. So here's the thing I don't know it bug ya listen to uncle Al here. I got a couple of things to tell you I. It's just very frustrating. I feel like I feel like so much a lot of this. I mean I'm wide open to evidence. If you're telling me that yes these. This particular precaution is going to make a huge difference in in the safety. I just. I'm not seeing it yet in the problem is it's security theater. It's expensive security theater at this point if there if there's no evidence behind it so I'm very frustrated by that I mean I know people are spending. Well what's funny is whenever you ask someone for the evidence on social media slide. I've been staying off. Facebook was much. Can you ask for? They don't know they they pointed the CDC and they point to Osha. Then you go to the ocean website. You'll see there's no citations of evidence what they're telling you to do you go to the website..

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