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Mayor de Blasio says no need for National Guard in New York City


And Philly CBS reporter rich lamb was with mayor bill de Blasio to check on how much policing he thinks the city needs right now when I asked mayor de Blasio whether he believes the National Guard will be activated and whether the city needs their numbers he left absolutely no room for doubt declaring we do not need nor do we think it's wise for the National Guard to be in New York City the mayor argues went outside armed forces go into communities no good comes of it we have seen this for decades go back to that if the sixties with the civil rights movement on through all the way up to the day people who are not trained for the conditions of your say they're they're public servants I appreciate them deeply but they're not trained for the circumstance has the Blasi put it the officers of the NYPD have been trained incessantly to act with restraint but says a member of the National Guard called up from any part of the state doesn't have that particular training doesn't know our environment but is carrying a loaded weapon the mayor concluded that is a bad

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