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Hello Hey how you doing today all right a lot of different colors a lot of different opinions of the op I'll think look Minnesota thing I've ever by the black male cylinders I don't know but why do that actually a her number her number but it's a higher percentage becomes less of a population but it's a seventy five percent of the people who died in police custody R. white for whatever reason and and so a lot of those are drug overdoses and and other things but yeah I'll I think what what what what's the what's become frustrating for a lot of different people is the fact that you you'll see the nose blow it up number of that yet there isn't a conviction or there isn't enough all good offices to grow good officers twenty now no doubt because truly operable so like with the union and the way that they kind of keep guards just like wow hello please don't have used today regular job is working at a union job work first does that work POS is when it came to work it just didn't work all current core you were dead on with the with the union comment and I I love Dan Hils who's the president of the local F. O. P. I've talked to many times I consider him a at least a phone friend of mine but unions keep people like Chauvin in their jobs regardless of how awful they are at their jobs yep yep and it's almost if

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