7 Alternative Ways to Promote Your Content in 2020

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Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer. Just remarking school listeners, all you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil. Patel and today we're GONNA talk about five alternative ways to promote your content in two thousand twenty saga I I? One is zest. That's Z. E. S., T., I S. so I mentioned this a couple of episodes ago, but zest is a little known basically promotion to especially. If you're doing marketing business related content, you can put your content out there i. think you can pan the CBC basis, but you can use promote your content number two most people. People don't do this and I. Don't know why I don't know if you do eric, but we've been using adds a lot recently for content, it works out really wellness, super cheap, and it drives a ton of traffic funny enough. We started driving pinterest at traffic to our content that has affiliate links, and we're getting a positive roi so cheap while I mean any ads are arbitrage I like. Oh, you're arbitraging, but that's like anything so anyway, but usually to fill. It links as hard to make a positive Roi right, but. Or so cheaper to say, this is great while number three, you can do to Boola out brain yet to boone out brain these. Are you know the little I? Guess content recommendations you see on the bottom of like CNN and all these other big website so those I've seen a lot of people may at work I personally haven't made it work before so anyway you can test it out number four and this one works like a charm i. do this all the time, but very few people cop me and I don't know why I push notifications same anytime. I have contact I collect. Push notifications, subscribers and I'll do blast out and I kid you not like I can get. Get seven ten thousand extra visitors to blog, plus just by being a push notification, and you can go to subscribers dot com to sign up for that, and then the fifth one fifth one would be twitter actually actually I don't think people utilize twitter, enough or just leave it at that, but I actually see the same people's promoted tweets over and over, and that does like the branding does affect me like I. Was Andrew Wilkinson from tiny Houston that you want to sell your business want to say like I. keep seeing it over time like that's kind of embedded in me now, so twitter ads I think it's definitely worth taking a look at number six is a bonus. If you're in SAS. Software or agency YOU COULD USE G to to promote your business capterra is another option that. These review sites basically give you an option to promote what you have going on or. Promoting content, but you're promoting your business, so that's a bonus that doesn't really fit at number seven. Another bonus doesn't fit for all of you. Is Start collecting phone numbers on your website like you know how you collect email? Start collecting phone numbers. We're starting to test out texting people whenever released new content and the click rates are through the roof, the unsubscribe rates and people saying stop the taxi also through the roof and. And early high, but after the first one that you said, the unsubscribe rate is drastically slowing down, so it gets better after the second third for tax and people like it, but sending him text messages every time you have new content we're finding that works really well. What are you using the tax because I know a Gary V's community? What do you use Tokyo Api integration I've devs. And how do you see the open? Open, rates and the UNSUBSCRIBE 's so whenever we ended up texting the open rates I. Don't know we twit. UTM codes in the links were able to e the click rates, but if I send out a hundred text messages were getting like sixteen, Seventeen Eighteen,

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