Protests spark fears of new COVID surges


What happens when protests and demonstrations meet a genuine viral threat Dr Jon Rubin is the CEO of the medical college of Wisconsin is joining us live on WTMJ good morning Sir thank you so much for your time soul the tendency I think among some people lose that cincy for home got lifted the virus went away that obviously is not the case now add in the fact that people are being so active socially and politically with street demonstrations and such I would imagine this is just gonna be like a Petri dish for this virus to spread thanks thanks so much for the questions you have and it's an important one you know we did see our largest three day total of new covert nineteen cases last week what about seventeen hundred cases from Thursday through Saturday and that is of significant concern on the other hand we're not seeing a huge spike in hospitalizations or deaths at least not in the last week with regard to the protests at Lancaster by knowledge and the pain and anger that people are feeling about the killing of George white and the longstanding frustration about the slow pace of dealing with racism and racial disparities so no one in minimizing anyway the reasons why people would allow ranger which exercise our right to protest peacefully but I am concerned about the potential impact of the protests not just because of crowding in the fact that some people were wearing face coverings but also because we know African American and Latino populations and other disenfranchised minorities have a higher likelihood of contracting culvert nineteen and minorities have worse outcomes especially African Americans you know on down to lead their issues with the healthcare system that need to be addressed also including an inequitable access and unconscious biases some of our providers but I I do think the problem is a reflection of many contributors to health especially the social determinants of health any of those under guard a lot of the protests doctoring and some people are taking a met wearing a mask and and turning it into a political statement can you clarify what good masks do what good wearing a mask does yeah thanks for the question Jane this really shouldn't be a political issue this is an issue of Kurdistan solidarity what we know is if people wear either a cloth or paper paper update covering that they reduce the spread of their own respiratory droplets when they call cough or sneeze and that's really important way that we can prevent spreading cut a symptomatic disease to other people many many people now know that covert nineteen can be spread when you when you feel perfectly fine and in fact you may be your peak level of contagious missing a day or two before you start your own symptoms Dr at the beginning of this I think a big part of slowing the curb was to alleviate pressure on health care workers how are they doing it have we progressed in terms of trying to take some of that pressure off of hospitals and health care workers yeah thanks for the question again we're doing really well in Wisconsin I think we were fortunate that we were weeks to months behind some other municipalities and we learned a lot about the virus just in terms of how to take care of patients who need to be admitted to the hospital and who needs to go in the icy use so I think we're doing reasonably well we do want to make sure that people continually social distancing good hand hygiene and making sure that they're careful about talking coughing sneezing around other people so that we don't have another surge that can overwhelm the capacity of our health systems really don't well here Dr John Raymond the CEO of the medical college of Wisconsin joining us live on WTMJ only got about a minute left but I wanted to ask you there's a a conventional wisdom being spread by some that this thing is going to cook out as summer is upon us that the bug is going to go away got up to ninety plus yesterday so certainly felt like summer is there any truth to that well we all hope that it will go away but I would say that the evidence is a weekend that there's a weather related factor with covert nineteen factors take a look at the southern hemisphere more it's been warm and there's been very significant spread of the disease so we can hold but I would still say let's socially distance and protect

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