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The death of George Floyd the


Best suited to assist local law enforcement president trump is railing against the news media over coverage of ongoing nationwide protests he tweets that it is really sick to watch and said coverage bears no relationship to the truth or facts from target C. N. N. and M. S. N. B. C. which again calls M. S. D. NC house speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to blast president trump for the scene that unfolded Monday as he left the White House for a photo op at the nearby historic Saint John's church my daughter was there that night and she called me she said mom you wouldn't even believe it these people were demonstrating peacefully and all of a sudden this barrage of security came through using clubs to beat people it was later reported that Attorney General William Barr is the one who ordered peaceful protesters be pushed back from Lafayette park ahead of the president's outing and before Washington DC's curfew kicked in a Senate committee is investigating the origins of the investigation of Russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election we're trying to find out how crossfire hurricane got sold off script our desire is to make sure it never happens again South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham says it was riddled with serious corrupt procedural issues involving surveillance warrants he questioned the legitimacy of the early probe college football hall of Famer Johnny majors is dead a friend confirms the former Pitt and Tennessee coach has died at the age of eighty five majors led Pitt to an undefeated national championship season in nineteen seventy six you're listening to the latest from NBC news radio shock

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