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Check Yourself Before You CEREC Yourself with Dr. Rich Rosenblatt (CHP48)


Welcome to clinical hats. We're real working. Dentists talk real dentistry. Sit back, relax, tighten. Your Meiring prepares to be clinically act. Listeners welcome back to another episode of the Clinical Hacks I. Am Zach minors coming to you from Kansas City and with me I have my trustee co host Dr Kevin Fryer from Ohio. What does How are you I'm doing great? You know It's my first first week recording this on a Wednesday night. I've been back. This is my third day back and it's okay. It's I'm back, but. It's been better. How about you? Almost three weeks it'll be three weeks on Friday and. It's been different for sure I think you. Have shared with some you guys you know it was. Stressful not knowing what was happening during all that time and then I couldn't wait to get back, and then we got back on for some reason, just sort of a little bit of a slump mentally so. I think it turned the corner yesterday. Actually have had some fun at work. Cracking jokes and we're ready to get going, but. lot of stress prior to that and then different stress in. I'm. I'm thankful for this weekend. A little bit of a break with Memorial Day and all that stuff. There you go well. Hey, we have a guest. Kevin News a lot more visas than either one of us so? Welcome to the show, veteran of the dental hacks podcast Dr Rich Rosenblatt from Chicago. Not to be here, thanks for asking me appreciate it. Yeah. You bet rich. What's the? What's the story over in a shy town? Where are you? Are you back? We were allowed to go back this past Monday on the eleventh, so that was our first day back at work of course, the Illinois. Department of Health announces it like six o'clock at night on Friday night before the Monday so you, don't we? We didn't know if we were getting ready to go back June one, which was the original slated date than they just kinda..

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