Matt Jordan on Bringing Clarity to a Complex World of Data in Training and Sport Science


I always say that you're going to be way. Further ahead of you can find simple things that you can actually do consistently rather than trying to achieve things that are complicated and consuming the barriers of complicated and time consuming. We'll get in the way. Keep it simple keep into things that answer the question that you care about and and and do the simple things well I think. That's that's coaching rule. A sports science rule that you know will stand the test of time. It's one of the reasons why I still come back to light. I mean I see what I see. People trying to read create. You know super complicated movements in the weight room trying to achieve this idea of transfer from Jim to the sword. You've got all these crazy things happening. You know. It just doesn't resonate. It's not that doesn't work. I mean who knows? Maybe it does work really well. I just think you need to go back to what Derek Dooley said when he got that. Each skater man. I'm just GonNa Start with one thing. I'm going to see how that works. And then when I have a problem I have one more thing in and that's a very different way of thinking that starts simple in ads things in rather than starting super super noisy and tried to strip stuff out. It's really tough to understand. Things started noisy. That was Dr Matt Jordan. And you're listening to the just fly. Performance podcast thanks for being here with us today a lot of times when it comes to the process of training athletes the process of working to become the best that one can be in a given sport. It's very easy to fall into traps of complexity. Making things more difficult and complicated than they need to be or putting more noise in the system. So it's really hard to tell if what you're doing is really working or not. I've certainly been in this situation myself many a time. And it's that type of situation makes me thrilled to have Dr Matt Jordan as our guests for the show. Matt Jordan is a strengthening edition coach and performance consultant for elite athletes with six Olympic cycles of Experience Matt has consulted with more than thirty Olympic and world championship medalists and provides expertise to high performance organizations such as the NHL The NBA the NFL in the military maddest. Curly the Director of Sports Science at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary and he also leads the Sports Science Sports Medicine Program for Alpine

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