'Deadly brew': Amid soaring crime, Memphis cops lowered bar


Former recruiters for the Memphis police department say that in recent years there's been a growing desperation to fill hundreds of slots which they say leads to lower standards. Alvin Davis, a lieutenant in charge of recruiting before he retired last year, says police recruits were increasingly coming from jobs at McDonald's and Dunkin drive-throughs. David says when interviewing new recruits some would say they were becoming a police officer strictly for the money of $15,000 signing bonus, Memphis police have not responded to requests for comment of the 5 former police officers now charged with the brutal beating death of Tyree Nichols, two of them, Emmett Martin the third and Demetrius Haley appeared to have been arrested in the past, according to files from the state oversight agency, peace officers standards, and training commission, but information concerning those arrests was blacked out. I'm Donna warder

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