Entertainment Update for 3-19


I'm Archie's are a letter with an entertainment update. Actor Lance Reddick, who had roles in the TV series the wire and in the John Wick movies has died at the age of 60, his publicist says Reddick died suddenly on Friday, but gave no details. Reddick said in a 2012 AP interview he was proud of his work on the wire. When you step back and when you actually look at it, you think, wow, I'm part of I'm in that group. Remember the mess with ticketmaster and Taylor Swift tickets last year, swift kicked off her eras tour Friday in Glendale, Arizona, ending with the song karma. She told the crowd of more than 70,000 she realized it took considerable effort for them to be there. That is the song tegu it by late rapper Coolio. It's the first single from an album called long live Coolio that his estate will release later this year. Kulia was working on new music when he died of cardiac arrest in September. I'm Archie's are a letter.

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