'Unidentified object' downed over Lake Huron, 3rd this week


Authorities in Michigan are reporting another aerial device has been shot down over their state. The fourth in a series of suspicious objects. Michigan congresswoman elissa slotkin says an unidentified object was shot down over Lake Huron. After authorities restricted airspace and military jets were scrambled. It follows the shootdown of another flying object over Alaska on Friday. And another Saturday over the Yukon in Canada, which was described by prime minister Justin Trudeau on CTV. It represented a reasonable threat to civilian aircraft, so I gave the order to take it down. Both are believed to be balloons, according to Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, who was briefed over the weekend. They believed they were, yes. He tells ABC's this week with George Stephanopoulos. Intelligence analysts are reviewing what was recovered from the Chinese surveillance balloon shot down the weekend before, off the coast of South Carolina. And piecing together what all this means. I'm Jackie Quinn

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