Monica Crowley: Interesting Turn of Events in NYC Trump Case


I'm curious to know your take on what's happening right now in New York. Something is up. And I'm wondering if Trump in his brilliance was able to really thwart what could have been his arrest. It's a very, very interesting turn of events, isn't it? Because somebody obviously leaked late, I guess, Friday night. And by the way, I was at Mar-a-Lago on Friday night. I emceed the Republican organization's Lincoln day dinner for Palm Beach county in Florida. It was held up Mar-a-Lago. I was very honored to be the MC and very honored to introduce president Trump. And I was with him that night. I introduced him and gave me a big hug and a kiss and then gave a fantastic speech. He didn't rely anything, but obviously he had heard something by late Friday night and then of course we got the news later that night or the next morning. Look, somebody broadcasted this to the world. And all heck broke loose, right? As we saw now, it's becoming crystal clear according to all these leaks that even a Manhattan grand jury which has been impaneled now for years on this subject, years. And by the way, there's no original crime. There's no concealment of a crime. There's no secondary crime and it's way out of the statute of limitation. So there is literally nothing here. They've wasted New York taxpayer money in impeding this grand jury for years at a time on this thing. But now it looks like Alvin Bragg canceled the grand jury yesterday and today and it looks like they're having difficulty convincing even a panel of liberals who probably hate Donald Trump in New York that there has been a crime committed here and that they should hand up an indictment.

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