Legendary Entertainer Pat Boone Returns to Discuss His Book 'IF'


And gentlemen, you know, when I have the opportunity, I like to bring on a gigantic Hollywood star, you know, that that's on my level. And it's very rare that you can find those people anymore. But we found one, some of you know him, his name is pat Boone, pepin, welcome to this program. Welcome to thank you. Thank you for that great introduction. I'm far more than I deserve. Yeah, oh yeah. Listen, you. Become a friend, so I like to joke around with you. And the last time you were on, you know, I want to talk to you about your new book. But we always get on the side tracks. Yes, the book. The title of the book is if IF if one word if the eternal choice, we almost make and you say on the cover, not religious life or death. So this is kind of the big question, but. The first question I often want to ask people who've written a book is for whom did you write the book? And those who did you have in mind when you wrote this book if. And by the way, I got to be clear. There's a couple of books out there right now that look just like this one with the same title if don't buy those books by this one by pat Boone. I don't look like this ever. They don't look like this. This was specifically designed by me to look like something that you probably wouldn't want to read and it says here specifically not religious, a warning sign, because this book is aimed at the non religious person who, unfortunately, make up over half the American public now, according to the pollsters. But they still have the same questions about life. And you and I both know that if you're just floating through this culture, it's hard to find solid answers. And I know that's why you wrote the book is because there are people that they're questioning, but they don't know where to look. And I know at the very least, that's the main reason or that's one of the main reasons I should say that you wrote the book is to reach those people with this provocative title if IF, if. But there's another book that looks very similar titled if it's not by pat Boone. We're talking about baboon

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