John Zmirak Discusses His New, Powerful Article


The article you wrote, it's called my pronoun is legion. It is so important. I shared it as widely as I could. I want everyone to Google my pronoun is legion and share it because it is vitally important. Talk us through this article so that people can begin to understand what you're getting at. It is so important, folks. Listen up. Okay, transgenderism is on one level, a mental illness. You don't think your body matches your soul. That's really messed up. That's terrible. If that's really true. People who feel that way need help. They don't need help carving up their bodies to match what's going on in their heads. I thought of this better for yesterday. If you had a Macintosh computer, but your software was all for a PC. Would you take a screwdriver and a soldering gun and try to change your Mac into a PC so that it matched the software. Or might you decide that it was the software that needed some work? Well, that's the perfect metaphor for transgenderism. The software, what's going on in your head doesn't match the hardware, what's going on in your pants? Which is easier to change, which is less expensive, less damaging, less destructive. Well, it would be to change your thoughts. But in fact, it's illegal to do that. In California, you can lose your medical license for counseling someone who's transgender that they shouldn't have the operation.

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