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And we're back in the windshield show. The women's tournament not only stole the eye as the attention of America, but also the headlines, Rachel. Overall, we're gonna, you know, obviously we could talk about this for hours. You were there, obviously I was not well not obviously. I was not there. You were there. We have different perspectives, as always, but also we're I was sitting on the couch. You were sitting in some probably really uncomfortable plastic seats. What's your reaction to the hoopla? I mean, where do you want to start? Man, it's a lot. I was flying back yesterday. And I was kind of just like, man, anyone who's ever done a final four, whether you're a coach, whether you're a media member, a fan, I think I speak for everybody when I say, it's so much fun. It's so much stimulus. There's a lot going on, and it can be a lot for me, it serves a lot of purposes because of all the different things that I do in terms of my clients, and the media side of things, and I'm running around crazy basically for four days, but I mean, it was a phenomenal atmosphere, and it took me a couple of days just to kind of come down from that high. I guess is the best way I can describe it. I've done a lot of these final fours before. I think I was telling you, you know, it's like WNBA all star, but like on steroids. You know, the Pinnacle of just so much excitement. And so I encourage anybody who hasn't been able to be at one, to please go. I think next year it's in Cleveland. The following year, Tampa, that's always a great one. And Phoenix is on the list somewhere. I lose track of where they're located. But yeah, I mean, let's start with, I guess, just the tournament overall. I mean, I feel like, you know, march was march was crazy and there were some great upsets. I think the parody and the game, you know, is at a place we've never seen before. I will take, you know, a little pat on my back that I did get the final the elite 8 and the final four correct. I did not get the final two teams competing correct in my bracket, but you know, I have to really credit those four teams who made it, LSU, South Carolina, Virginia tech, Iowa. I mean, all four very different programs, but man, they showed up and they showed out. I mean, I don't really know where to start. I think that the final four games. Wait, can I ask you something? Yeah, 'cause I was thinking about this. And look, obviously, it's the same in any tournament, whoever you need to beat the team you play, right? But I look at it and I think that this year and maybe it's true most years. I would say that I paid more attention this year than I have. Of recent, as I were, it's so dependent on who you play, right? For sure. Do you see a different team if it wasn't Iowa in that final four matchup taking on South Carolina and beating them or was I will of those, I mean, you can say any team in the tournament. I know it's any given day, but could you see a different team doing that what I would did and punching their ticket to the finals? Well, I mean, you can look back at like an old miss. You know, who was one possession away from beating South Carolina, you know? And in South Carolina was for the whole season, the most dominant team in the country, you know? And I mean, you play that game ten times. How many times out of that does Iowa pull that out or does South Carolina win? I would actually probably say South Carolina holds the edge there for sure, but that's what makes it so fun, right? Like some people have a tougher route, you know, I think if you look at the grand spectrum of that bracket, anyone who is in South Carolina side was kind of like, oh man, you know, like dang. You want to go through them. I could probably speak for any team on that part of the bracket. I think there were other parts where I was like, man, this is, this feels like it's an easier, easier path in the bat. And in the olden days, it's olden days. Back, you know, a few years ago, it was always man, whoever ended up in Yukon's bracket, you were screwed. You know, we're not at that time anymore, you know? And I don't even clearly, you know, it doesn't even feel like it's at that point with any team in the country. And I think that that's a beautiful thing. You know, I think we're at a point now where I was telling some coaches this over the week. And you've got to sit there and think, man, if they do it, we can do it. And we can make it. If they can make a final four, we can make

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