What's So Special About Oil?

The Bible Project


We're exploring a new theme on the podcast called the anointed. Anointing is taking oil and smearing it on someone. And it has a very specific purpose. Foil marks a person replaced that the bridge between heaven and earth. Cool. But why oil? Why not wine? What's going on? So what we're going to trace down in this conversation is there's a recipe for special anointing oil. You can find it in the Torah. The recipe for anointing oil is given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. And it's not just oil, it's oil and fused with pungent aromatic spices and it makes this incredible perfume. How creations packed with these plants that if you just ate the leaf, you would not enjoy it. But you crush it. Pulverize it, we're soak it, and then it can infuse this with a taste that just is like otherworldly. Well, I think the biblical authors want us to see in this anointing oil is the life of Eden condensed into a little dense liquid. The life of Eden begins with the water of life, filling the dry ground and forming the human, and then got spirits. Fills the human. Water and spirit. Marking humanity as a place where heaven and earth are one. And so to remember that place, or even to designate a place to be like that, we anoint it with oil. There's moments when through liquid and spirit, a person a place is marked as a special portal between heaven and earth to bring about that reunion of heaven and earth in some way. And I think that's where all of a sudden all these themes come crashing together. Of the liquid life and the spirit are joined images. And that's what anointing means in the Bible.

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