Gov. Scott Walker: Upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court Election


A lot of social media posts about a Supreme Court election coming up. What's the story on that? Yeah, it is the most expensive in state's history. It's probably going to be the most expensive in the history of the country for Supreme Court races and states that have them. You've got two diametrically opposed candidates. One, just as Darren Kelly who I pointed to the bench back in 2016, this guy is like a Scalia on the state Supreme Court. He's brilliant. He is a judicial conservative, why stress that is, he's not a conservative activist. He's someone who understands as he rightly should, that the role the judiciary is to uphold the constitution and the rule of law and no more no less versus someone who's, we've seen liberals before, but we've never seen a candidate to be so outspoken in their radical activism out there, Milwaukee county, former district attorney, office member. That's the DA's office that let the guy who ran down to walk a shot county. They let this guy out in low cash bail and he killed all those people in the Christmas bridge. She comes out of that office. She's now a judge and lucky county Janet prototype which I call her no job Janet. She is someone who's got a horrific record of not putting violent criminals, people who rape children, people who raped even to a guy raped his own aunt, just horrible, horrible criminals. She soft on when it comes to the sentencing. But this woman had gotten millions of dollars from George Soros and people on the left and West Coast and east coast in their pouring dollars into this state because of all the things that are at stake. And she's flat out said she's going to repeal our reforms. So we're pushing back. It went from a big gap to now where Kelly's just down by about two points, but Tuesday is going to be the key. Not only for Wisconsin. But arguably, if it comes to redistricting, it could affect who the next speaker is.

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