Love Island USA Season 2 Preview - burst 22


Okay. Her relationship role models are John Legend. Chrissy Teigen. So we love that. And her dating profile is incredible. Skelly can read the dating profile. I. Think it'll be better coming from you. Oh. I think. It will be just plain fine. It says I'm a hot twenty-seven-year-old who also got the brains I'd take pride in my appearance. So working out is important to me and would love someone I can work out with my ideal date would be staying in wearing pajamas while eating takeout and watching a movie in bed I'm a very outgoing person. So I'd love a guy who is the same and can get along with all of my friends and family because they are my writer dies if you're disrespectful to me and not how humble keep it pushing which I think it's a little lake there's some you know

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