Philadelphia school board rejects tax breaks for new owner of PES refinery, jeopardizing redevelopment


The Philadelphia School Board has rejected a plan to give generous tax cuts of the company that is redeveloping the former PS refinery, which was destroyed by an explosion and a fire a year ago. KOW City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe reports. This is an unusual move for the board and a setback for the company, the board and before that the school Reform Commission has largely been a rubber stamp for the administration in City Council when it comes to approving Keystone Opportunity Zones, or Ko Z's, in which all state and city taxes are excused as an incentive to building on desire. Herbal areas, But three members drew a line at the new refinery owner Hilco, one of them, Angela MacGyver, said the company does not have a good record of delivering the benefits they promise. Hilco has been a bad partner in other cities. Hil Co vice president Jeremy Grey denied that and explain the cozy was crucial to the massive project. The last person who actually took forever. A project of this magnitude from a master planning perspective was William Penn 338 years ago, four members voted in favour but five yes, votes are needed to approve it. City officials say they're disappointed and will address members concerns and re submit the request.

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