The vice president of the NFLPA


Executive committee, says the league and the players still have plenty of details to figure out as training camps are about to open their obligation to provide a state. Working environment for the players. That's their obligation, so if they don't do that, then way can't play. It's a simple as that, so the owners don't provide. There's there's something called on either plan pretty much of a return to work protocol. Systems in place that tell you what'll happen if an outbreak occurred. What steps to take that they don't have that in place. We talked about it. So what will happen is that the owners will provide a safe work environment. Players. Players are gonna be ableto are going to play Sam Macho on ESPN Radio Sunday morning. Many NFL players are tweeting today asking league to prioritize Playerssafety. As camps opened this week. Wideout JD Spielman, who led Nebraska in receiving yards and touchdown catches last year, is

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