US breaks daily record for Covid-19 cases 9 times in 1 month


The state of our Union is also this morning terrified because there are more than three point, seven million corona virus cases in the United States in more than one hundred forty thousand Americans dead, and there is no friendly way to say this. This crisis is spiraling out of control with no indication. The president trump is going to try to do anything different to try to stop it in the last month the. The US beat its own daily record for new cases at least nine times and hospitals in states across the country are reaching capacity. Nothing would make me happier than to report to you this morning that president, trump and his administration are devoting every resource possible to defeating this pandemic, but not only is that not the case on Saturday? CNN learned that the White House is objecting to a Senate Republican. Push for more money for testing and contact tracing for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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