Americas Got Talent and Mental Issues (w/ Usama Siddiquee, MangoBae)

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Asian ventures so. So so so far. Five Asian guys together got. Stealing place. Maybe, you can look me up I. don't care. Opium? Looking back to what other episode of Asian Nitrogen PODCASTS podcast. is now from major talk about American issues cares about I'm your host for me? Obey Mike No in today is July twelfth coming out you on a nice Sunday Sunday morning. If. You are listening to on your phones right now. Please take a screen shot posted on instagram and tag us at Asian Asian Pod, and we'll re tweet it, and we'll make you famous because we are fame. We are famous we are we speaking of famous? This is I. Mean I know that I'm half joking half being serious, but. We are famous to some people Mike famous to a small cadre of fifty people. We're famous. They think were gods. And sometimes it gets a little out of control. I had a very strange. Recently and I almost like a I. Don't WanNa. Say Stocker! Okay, that's a that's a pretty aggressive word, but I did have something happened to me that included an anal and it scared me a little bit okay. That's an Asian. Listener that's what we call one of our fans. That's right. Fans we have them and so yeah. You were telling me about this, but I wasn't quite sure I wasn't quite following, so what so basically? We Somebody else told me that somebody else screen shotted a fake instagram profile with my picture on it and was like. Hey, this person has been commenting on like a lot of our stuff. Is this you and I look and I'm like? No, that's not me, but the profile pictures me. This person didn't use my name. They were just they were just using up that. I posted on instagram like three or four years ago as their profile picture didn't use anything like that was kind of committee be. So then I started looking into it, and this person's name was on the thing and I was. This person's name sounds familiar. Where's is that? Why do I know his name? It's because this person has been looking at my linked in profile like every day this week. And I get an email notification. Right so I'm just like I thought it was a recruiter or something, but it 'cause I don't. I didn't recognize his name and I'm like Oh my God. Oh my God, this! Is that fucking same person so yeah so I found her I don't know if it's a him or her. I'm going to say her because it makes me feel better I found her and. She has been. City or something like that like dnb, like Ha, ha, this great show whatever I railroads pretty harmless, but when I saw that thing got freaked out so a messenger, and I was like hey. Like, are you a stalker like what is? What is this all about? And she was like no I am a patriot. And then like, are you, are you? Are you fucking around with our patriots subscribers they have. To all parts of our lives. That's what is gonna I was like well. Why did you say so earlier? Dude, go ahead. Decapitate my whole family. For Ten dollars for ten dollars a month. That's worth it right. I will. Send, you wear Fulanis parents live. Twenty. Two dollars, and you get to torture them. Okay. I looked them up. I looked this up and not even ten dollars. This person five dollars. Five dollars man five dollars is better than zero dollars all right I'm I'm on this person's side i. don't see what the problem is. This is fantastic I know. It's all good broke. Keep keep using my picture and that's what I knew that I sold my soul to the comedy devil, because I'm not you know you hear stories all the time from a lot of special out of female comedians with being creepy and shit like that, but for me like okay, I don't like being I. Don't like people around me, but if you drop the Magic Words Aka I'm a Patriot subscriber then like Yo. You could watch me sleep I. Don't give a fuck yo Yo. Tear okay all right. Patriots Patriot Dot com slash Asia not. Asian Bob unlocked unblocked sleeping me. Fifty Bucks okay. We got the Webcam. We'll get you the link. No problem okay. It's on our only chance. I mean. Here's the thing. Though so. Was this person? Was this person they would? They weren't saying they were you just had your picture. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay I mean. You know hey, you're comfortable. I guess that's valid. I have to validate all feelings, but you know whatever so I thought it uncomfortable. No, but here's the thing, though here's the thing. Is that like there's that's the thing is as we become more famous. Aka going up to fifty two fifty, three fifty four fans. There are going to be people who just like you know. It's like there are people who. have their favorite singer, or whatever as they're you know things like beyond say is. Beyond say fan might have beyond say. As MY GUITAR! But it, but it's like I know me. Yes, if you. If there was a famous person on that profile picture I get, it's like Oh, how ironic, but I guess! I just wasn't ready for that because. I mean as you said I'm not beyond saying. I guess that's the answer. But he but people don't know how. People don't know how famous we are. That's true. That's true. Know and I guess that's the thing is like as. As this HAP- as we get bigger quote unquote or over we we get bigger than. You know more and more of that stuff is going to come out and eventually. Here's the thing that I'm sort of waiting for. Is that eventually? There'll be a fan accounts of this podcast, so it'll be like Asia Not Asian fan account and it'll be. It'll be cool because it's like. Hey, we got a fan accounts, but then at the same time it'd be like. Oh, well now. We don't really control the narrative. As we do right now because there's only one Asian Asian Academy Awards us, and you know what I'm saying is like later on. There's going to be like a Fumi Fan, account, or or Mike Fan fan accounts and. We're going to see our own things like repeated back to us and there's going to be like if big enough, there's going to be a community and. Those are. Those are things that are like other comedy. PODCASTS have like I mean there's like there's like tons of. Gre, clip. Fan Accounts and sub subjects that are controlled by those people and. It is going to be. It's weird right now because we're really accessible like if. I mean anyone who messages me. I immediately respond. To. Ronnie, invalidating my. You know you can't do that to Joe. Rogan or to you know even. Bigger other COMEDIANS, but like for us. We're like we're so desperate. We're just GONNA. Ask You. Have you have you had any like weird fan? Interactions like that? I mean we got like. The thing too I think is if you're a fan of podcasts like if you're a podcast listener, you're already like a you know you're. You're you're you're an auditory? o Taku because. You're really into podcast. You're you're. You're not just like scrolling and like liking something and moving on with your life. You're like building deep. There's some people who like delve super deep in our podcast. Listen to a bunch of them and. You. Know come to our shows and like. People come to our shows and listen to us and like built like say all these things like you know. Hey, remember that time, you said this and I'm like I do not remember Shit Oh you. Say something, and it's gone, and I'm just like you know so I. Think you know I haven't had anything where? It's super strange but I do know I knew what you mean. where? And for? I'm grateful like I'd rather have. I'd rather have someone. Watch me sleep because I'm putting the content out there. Every sleeping and every day I wake up and nobody's watching him loading this content out there for nothing. So I WANNA. Have that out there but I. Haven't had anything to weird, but I suspect that it's GonNa sort happening more and more, you know. Yeah, well I mean I. Kinda wanted to talk to our guest about is oh. Yes, YO, these Internet! Fans be crazy. That is the field this podcast today. It really is and I've got other tiktok stories.

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