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And we'll go to my favorite murder the Mesa. It's cute. It's short little. Don't worry about it and we re your stuff ready. Okay, German to go I sure. Is that the most concise? Titus Intro, we've ever done I I ever ever done. Let's talk about it for a little bit. This is. Unbelievable what we did now is the opposite of what we usually which is what I'm doing. We usually just talk and talk and like we talk about you know what's up with our. We and everything and. This time up and down your boyfriend gets upset, but not this time we're right to the. Because really I? Think about it, okay? This title here is Spooky. Lifesaving ESP tooth aches okay. I'm an emergency nurse in my stories. Take place at work. It's a long long story. Sorry, but it is about the sort of unexplained intuition. We are all here for so let's begin. That's right. If it's. If it's interesting, it can be long right. Justify your own length with. With your quality with okay. A doctor friend of mine was working with one night. and. The emergency department was absolutely slammed. He'd already worked a few hours overtime. When the doctor in charge asked him to see just one more patient before he went home, he scandal list of people in the waiting room for no particular reason. A name jumped out to him. He read the triage notes quote. Presents with presents after dental surgery with non going to take. The man was probably hours from being seen but my. My friend, thinking this would be a quick case brought him in the patient was obviously in pain, sweaty and grey, but when the doctor poked at the gap where his tooth had been removed, he didn't complain or even flinch immediately. Alarm Bells, ringing and sure enough a few tests later was clear that this man was actually having a very severe heart attack. He was rushed for emergency surgery and survived, but may not have. have if he stayed in the waiting room another two hours jump forward a few months, and I was working in the fast track area of the Ed sort of like the patch and fix spot we were once again slammed and I was trying to bring anyone with a problem that could be dealt with quickly again. I can't really explain why, but a woman's name stood out to me and I brought her in for. For Assessment, she had a rash on her leg and had woken up feeling under the weather and had read in the paper about some exotic virus. Now sure she had, the rash looked harmless, but during our conversation she kept grabbing at her jaw. Oh, that's nothing. She said just a toothache I asked her to humor me and let me run a couple of tests and you guessed it. She was having a heart attack. She was whisked away for surgery and I know for sure. She survived because a few weeks later. She sent a complaint because she had quote only wanted her rashes checks. Why My. My boss kind, we pointed out that she probably wouldn't have been able to write an email at all, if not for my care. Old. LADIES BE OLD lady in. This. This sort of thing happens all the time in hospitals whether some secret force guiding our eyes to a particular name, or we are just better at our jobs than we like to give ourselves credit for who can say, but I know there's one old lady who's S. There's a little lady out there. Still writing strongly worded email because of me SSD, GM and thanks for the Good Times Clare Oh my God. She lived to complain another day that Old Lady. I bet it's just intuition at that. Point you just you know you see someone you see these little signs that don't even cross your mind, but you. Can you know hopefully? I mean it actually makes me feel better this except for the fact that they're trying to find quick patients I don't know that, but well you gotTa Stadium into your schedule always about health but. I see some point, but eventually only eight hours but it does. I. Do agree I like that vibe that there's something else going on that you're in your instincts. Kick in when you work that job and almost like it's a fair. You can smell where this person's actually endanger. There's something else going on. You're not conscious of it. Did you ever watch nurse? Jackie yes. I really liked it. I just didn't like the personal stuff that much. The personal. Yeah, like I. WanNa, just wounds cauterize. I wanted like her drug addiction and I duNno I just didn't like her so much. Yes, she is the real asshole and I just hated bill like the weird doctor who would grab women's breasts. That's one of the looking storylines. When he got nervous around women, he would uncontrollably. Grab a woman's breast and it was just like. What year was this made? Sixteen I that did stop me in my tracks, but the rest easy Falco. WHO's yet like supreme being and I just loved that vibe because it really is like that's A. function. It's like a functioning addict, which is a fascinating thing that they got rid right. Way Too hot for TV. My love that fucking guys face his. And, he was too nice been like her. He was so. This is not a regular episode. We will not talk for two hours and forty two. Okay. All right now you're. Put a pin in that for later. Anyway if you WANNA hear part to the nurse Jackie debate. Come back. Do you want to hear? Everyone's wrong with her? Check here? We're GONNA START FAN cult forum. We were being positive about her husband. That guy is fucking hot, hot and blank as fuck. I loved it. Yes okay. That time my professor testified in a murder trial. Greetings, murdering cult leaders, an companions I like I'm a student into my second year veterinary school in Colorado and wanted to send a story. One of my professors shared with the class this semester. My pathology professor was giving us a lecture on necropsies and examining postmortem for signs of animal abuse. Mid Lecture he went off on a tangent about how we could be asked to testify with our findings in court and proceeded to tell us this story. One day my professor was asked to perform necropsy on a cat I. Think I got that right. And was asked specifically to run tests for cyanide poisoning as cause of death. After finding that cyanide was indeed and the cat system, he was asked by the police to present his findings to judge and jury during a murder trial turns out the man that killed his mother by poisoning, her with cyanide, and then proceeded to cut up her body and hide it in to quote my professor, those cheap rubbermaid tupperware containers which he kept in the back. suggest so depressed I now which he kept in the back of his truck until he was caught by police. My professors testimony was used to prove that the man had committed premeditated murder, practicing I by poisoning his cat. Professor Matter of factly ended his story by saying so yeah, he was

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