Man United's FA Cup Semi-Final Stumble



The end of the day, sauce made a decision and a left some the cavs out. On the shape of the team. On it's been a front three. That's been operating. and. You mentioned and the Week Against Crystal Palace. Desperate is between the sites and getting the city points hotspot a has got games coming up dead for I was less rest what she he rounded. Everybody's throw, and couldn't on players who by the way looked as if someone had given up at the end, there's no no. The big thing for me is real. Was it explaining goalkeeper in the Cup competitions? And then he left time as well. Walk Walking, he signal we send. Plane must not play strongest team, but I'm not putting megalpolis played in cup competitions I'm going to go back to the hair. Heard another stinker, so it was a real mess for Manchester United. Okay.

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