In masks, I think masks air good.

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You because I was so outraged by this president said he will not issue a national mandate on wearing masks. In a clip from an interview that you will hear on Fox News tomorrow. I want people have Ah, Certain freedom, Trump said. Adding later in the interview. I'm a believer in masks, I think masks air good. Infectious disease expert, Dr Fauci, Uh, urge state officials to be as forceful as possible in getting people to wear masks. So Let's hope Those words take hold now. I want to deal with Two statements. It came from the Trump administration this week. The president finalized a major overhaul on Wednesday in one of the country's most consequential environmental laws on the grounds that it has slowed the construction of highways, pipelines and other major projects across the country. The sweeping changes to the 50 year old National Environmental Policy Act. Which opponents have vowed to fight. In court. And reverse if Democrats regain control of the executive branch of government and the legislative branch. And now you have the president. Backing landmark environmental laws. Asking, they be removed. You need to understand this will have a major impact on all of us. And the president is determined to revive the economy. The law requires the federal government to analyse the impact of a major project or federal action on the environment and to seek public input before approving it before The president. Argues that the law has proved costly and cumbersome to developers. So it all to be eliminated. This is An unpardonable sin. No, Trump said. We're going to give every project a clear answer. Yes or no. White House officials said the move will benefit People who the administration wants to help you understand the president can't amend the law. But he intends to change the rules governing the way it's implemented. Let me say this clearly. It is so important who is president? It's not Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. President of the United States has a huge impact. And what is clear is the president Wants to exempt some projects and activities from environmental policy review altogether.

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