The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Sutra Statements For The Fifth Principle


Hello friends I'm Deepak Chopra. This is daily breath. We're continuing our discussion on the fifth principle of sinker destiny. Today. I'd like to offer you, Sutra statements. That apply to the fifth principle. Harnessing your emotional. So remember Sutras adjusts simple statements. Today we are combining them. With. Imagination. Lead you once again through about twelve different things you can imagine. He the choose one or more a twos one randomly or choose them sequentially. Let's Start with the exercise always start with a few minutes watching a breath. Or using the mantra. Now One imagine that you're without physical form you're just pure field of awareness without no form. You're everywhere at all times. Imagine that right now. And mentally say to yourself. Mock shop. Repeated. A few times mark. Moke shop. To imagine that you have left behind forever any sense of anger or resentment. And Mentally, repeat yourself. Moshe. Moshe. Three. Imagine that you're free from blaming everyone and anyone free from feeling blame. August. Imagine that state of awareness. And now, mentally recite Moshe Moshe Moshe. As many times as you want. For imagined that you never dreamed into melodrama. Imagined that state of being and mentally repeat, yourself, Macho Macho. Five imagine that you can choose any motion feeling you want. Right now that you want to experience joy peace equanimity. Love compassion harmony laughter. Imagine. A positive fulfilling emotion. Below body. and. Repeat, Mentally Macho Macho Macho. Six imagined that you can set any goal you want to achieve and that you have actually achieved it. Imagining achieving that goal and mentally recite. Marcia Moshe Moshe. Seven imagine that you're free of your habitual compulsions and patterns of Babia. And Mentally Recite. MOCHA. Moshe Moshe. Eight imagine that you're free of all disempowering addictions, the addiction to power the addiction to security the addiction to sensation, and Mentally Recite Macho Macho Macho. Nine imagine that you never participate in any gossip. Mentally, recite, don't shop Moshe Moshe. Den Imagine that you're free to respond at the highest level no matter what the situation is or how anyone else bibs and mentally. Keep Repeating Moshe Moshe Moshe. Eleven, imagine that there are no limitations to what you can manifest. No limitations. No compromise. Moshe Moshe Moshe. And twelve imagine that you can see infinite possibilities at all times. And Mentally Recite Workshop Macho Moshe.

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