Why Is HBO Max Still Not on Roku or Amazon Fire TV?

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One of the major problems with HBO. Max's launch isn't necessarily the content although we talked about why that may also be a problem area. It's that most of the country can't get it because Warner has not been able to work out carriage agreements with Roku or Amazon their fire products like fire stick. So if YOU WATCH TV Either of those places which are many many millions of people, Roku is just really flexing its muscle ought recently, you cannot watch HBO Maximus. Things. And in fact, they were so petty that when they sunset at HBO, they just deleted it like, yeah you could get hbo on your fire stick or even other gone and I delete peacock is the same situation but the deals just have not been worked out and so. You yes. You could make the counterargument that. The fact that people can't see it is just temporarily delaying the fact that people might not want to see what they can see wants to get it but short term, this is a major issue. Yes. So explain this to me like essentially the only people who can get it are those who have access to what Apple TV. You can watch it on your browser correct lake you can. Write. But if you're using primarily a fire sticker, a Roku to watch watch all your APPs, you just can't get HBO Max. It's not available through stores. Yes and I think that the line Amazon is drawing his interesting I don't have any opinions not nearly informed enough as to its legality or it's Best. Practices goods or tape or whatever. But it seems like HBO wants a little at Button to just be there whereas Amazon wants to put it inside of its channels choice. So basically, you're it's silo further away You could argue that that's because they want people to watch their prime video content instead but anyway, all of this is is ongoing in and. Jason Cholera who is now in charge Warner media made this big centerpieces conversations with the press after the firings the other day like they have to get it in front of people peacock is facing the same situation to and it reminds me once again that for as. Industry focuses we are, and like I watch TV through an apple TV and you might as well. This idea that we were pushing for a while that may be apple just kind of wanted to be the portal they wanted to be the thing that you used to watch your TV. Maybe. That's still the case but a lot more people watch TV through other devices. Than, they watch it through Apple TV in that's having a major effect

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