Weeping over the Lost (Luke 19:41)


Luke Chapter Nineteen Verses Forty One And when Jesus. Drew Near and saw the city he wept over it. When a Simple short significant verse. One of two times where we see Jesus weeping in the Gospels. Thing John. Chapter. Eleven thirty five when Mary comes running out to Jesus, her brother, Lazarus has died. Presumably in part because she didn't make it there in time to help and she's weeping, she falls at his feet weeping now Jesus knows what he is about to. To raise Lazarus from the dead but he sees Mary's tears and he weeps with her she just weeps with those who weep with his children, who we, how powerful picture is that and then so now this time in Luke. Chapter nineteen verses forty one Jesus weeping. But it's not weeping with people who are hurting. It's sweeping over a city full of people who is rejecting him who in the days to come crucify him and Jesus weeping over them. What a powerful picture? It's one thing to weep with. Mary and Martha over the death of Lazarus and these are close friends that he spent time with. Now. He's weeping over the people who are going to kill him. We're GONNA crucify him in the most cruel form of murder. They could imagine he's weeping for them because he longs for them to know his father's love. That's why he's going the cross because he loves them and so he weeps over their souls over their rejection of him. And so. I would just ask like, when was the last time? You or I walked. Over people. who either one do not know Jesus like weeping over those who were lost. Or to to take a step further weeping over those who are lost and maybe who are your enemies Maybe who oppose you? Maybe who Would want to hurt you. Ask the level here of weeping. So God, we pray make our hearts more like Jesus make my heart I pray more like Jesus. I pray that over every single person who's listening right now, make their hearts more like Jesus God, we want to feel what you feel. We WanNa feel your compassion Jesus for those who were lost for those who are lost and we love right around us and those who are lost to, we may be prone date that we may be tempted to despise in some way. God gives us Christ like love for even our enemies God we pray you would bring us to tears do this work in our hearts Such that when we think about when we see when we pray for those who are far from you whether they're right around us so far from us whether they're close to us or there's actually a lot of distance not just geographically but relations between us God we pray for this kind of compassion that causes us to weep and God we specifically today for the Macci People in Pakistan two point six, million of them. Zero followers of Jesus. No followers of Jesus. No one who knows your love no one who knows your grace toward them among the monchy gunnery parade give us your heart for unreached people around the world gives your. Caused us to crowd for them and to go to them to make the gospel known among them. Gotree Bray you would break our hearts for unreached people, break our hearts for people right around us and for from. US. Bring us to a point where Luke nineteen forty one is a reality in our own hearts where we are weeping over the loss weeping with compassion over even our enemies. He'll make us more like Jesus we pray. In his name. Amen.

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