Eugene Levy receives lifetime achievement award at Newport Film Festival


The Newport Beach Film Festival obviously could not be held in public this year, so The event. Organizers instead decided to do something kind of fun, and they did this with the help of that broadcast on pop TV, and they surprised Eugene Levy. They want to give him the lifetime achievement award. And so they thought, we'll do it like kind of via video conference, and then they said, Well, we've got a surprise. We're not the only ones who wanted to congratulate you. But there are a couple other friends who also wanted to say a few words. And then it goes into this 10 minutes. Essentially, ah, tribute video to him from various people now, too, that you will hear from including cast members from Bleeps Creek there on this is well, but the two that you'll hear from our his longtime pals. Steve Martin and Martin Short, who pop up probably four different times. In this tribute video keeps bouncing back, which is really cool for the video. It's not like you hear four minutes from Martin Short. It's 10 seconds here. 15 here eight seconds with this guy 30 seconds with that girl, Here's Steve Martin and Martin Short toasting. Eugene Levy. But you know, Eugene, you're special because You. Our person, You know, I see people on the streets, sometimes in crowd sometimes alone. I think Eugene could be down the street. He is a person and I happen to know At the Newport Beach Film Festival wanted to give this to a person he was becoming this absolute living legend. Eugene. I was telling everyone how you become a legend. It's just that it's his son, Isaac Daniel Daniel Levy, his son, a fellow co star and co creator of Bleeps Creek, hey is featured throughout Angela Harris, his former co star from SC TV. He Barton, short, Angela Martin and a few others, John Candy, I believe for a time. Over an SC TV. This Canadian improv sketch comedy group and television show Catherine O'Hara was Catherine O'Hara. Yes, yes, And, of course she opposite. She's upset him in Bleeps Creek as well, but it's really It's just sweet and it's fun. And so many people just talk about his kindness. In Ah, how sweet of a guy he is and how much of a professional he waas on set there and just really took the acting and I I think he said, Look, we don't want to play this for laughs, Bleeps Creek. He was like we'll play it as it's written, and he knew that it would result in laughs, but he didn't want extra Ham up everybody's lines all the time to try to hit you over the head with it. Chris Elliott, his Bleeps Creek Co star appears with the longest thickest white beard. You've ever seen. It puts David Letterman's to shame. It's really something.

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