Players kneeling for anthem met with boos before MLS game


The Dallas soccer team had fans yesterday they booed the players who kneels the national anthem. Enchanted Yusa. And pissed off pissed off a Dallas player who criticized them after the game. I didn't see that, but I read about that online early this morning. I was two teams that had to sit out for the MLS come back because of positive Covad test, So they had a game. Nashville and Dallas and there were fans allowed there. Yeah, And I saw that there it was described at least in the story that I read. There was a smattering of boos. I I mean that that shouldn't and for the player To be upset about it. Listen, I mean, if you if you make the decision to Neil, we're trying to wrap our heads around what you can and cannot do. Right, and I have said before. I've always been a stand for the anthem guy. That was the way I was raised. My dad was in the military. That's fine. The narrative now for those who choose to kneel for the anthem is it's not Their way of disrespecting the flag or the military. It's their way of bringing to the forefront. Police brutality when it comes to African Americans, so that's their mindset. And I think we have to I think we have to, if not embrace that. We have to understand that. That's the message they're trying to convey. I've said I think you could do it differently. Use your platform differently and have a much better chance to have your message heard. But you know what? I've said this before. Brandon Marshall, the former linebacker. The Broncos knelt during the flag. He and I'm Rick. You wear all their we've had. Three or four conversations about that. And I like that guy personally, You know what? I'm not going to change my mind on him. I'm not going to attack him because he chooses to do that. But on the other hand, I don't think the player Should be You know he shouldn't respond that way because the fans Some fans choose not to like that. We've got to move past the point that we continually attack each other because somebody has a different point of view. That's my Pollyannish moment. Monkey away. How about that?

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