How To Make Sure Your Child Learns This School Year


Once we've thought through our own needs as workers if people in the household, you know the next question is what about our kids what our kids need now's a great time to ask how did my kids? Do when they were learning online in the spring Howard they feeling about the possibility of doing more online learning. Are they self directed learners or was it a real struggle for them? You know younger kids especially in some kids with disabilities. humbling learning is tough. You know what I'm hearing is that a lot of families are taking this enforced pause to trying to think through what their kids need you. Know you kind of have to assess what are your kids really have to have right now to get through this year in a positive way and for a little more perspective on this, I talked to someone who's really an expert in self directed learning. Crystal Dillard. She's the director of natural creativity, which is a homeschooling resource center in Philadelphia and what that means is that she helps children from really diverse backgrounds. kind of design learning experiences that really meet them where they're at. So that can mean anything from studying. Physics to woodworking photography and she told me that often even within the same family, you'll find children have really different needs. There may be one young person who is responsive to what is being given. You know in terms of. Schooling right now, but there's almost always one who is just not responding to. It doesn't WanNa do it, and the parent is really put in a position that either I'm going to be forcing a young person to sit down and do something they don't WanNa do or I'm going to really think about whether is as important as what I even though it wasn't. So. Don't forget to sit down with your kids and ask what would they prefer an an unpack it yeah I mean. So let's talk about the actual options, right what is your day? What is your week? Potentially? What is your semester going to look like if you're in a public school district and we know many of them are going to be online only in the fall Then that's really going to be the backbone or the default for many of you out there. So obviously staying. Enrolled will keep you supporting your Public School District It is free besides obviously the cost of a Wifi device and the time it takes to oversee it. Yep, and you should know that in our reporting, what we've come across is that a lot of districts really feel like what they have to offer is going to be a little bit more robust than what they had in the spring. Maybe more live instruction may be more sophisticated in terms of what the teachers are doing you know. And, that might be better or worse for you. Right because live instructions sometimes means more to coordinate and getting different kids and multiple different zooms. But we also know is that your school's remote learning is not going to fill the whole what would be the school day So then what do you do and I have been collecting lots of information and resources some you know summer gonNA use free courses paid courses live recorded. There's so many different options if you're looking for places to fill in. Gaps, I think a really good tip is to look at your own states learning standards that can be really detailed for the grade especially in things like science think about what topics you might want to cover for a particular grade with every of energy for there's there's a wide range of things I want to mention. You know there's also kind of prefabricated home school curricula in a box. There's a Montessori ones or some other ones that are really kind of everything you need to know to homeschool. There's individual online live classes, right? Your your kids trying out school year my eleven year old is taking a class on out school. Ethics in sports. And it was just like you know there were there were list of hundreds of classes and a buddy of his is just taking this for an hour a day. He did one just today he loved it. It location is no longer an object, right? So so what could you do in terms of alive class? One out of the box resource is a fiber. I know some people that are looking for tutors for their kids including international language tutors who could be really cheap by our your local. Dancer IOS and places. Piano teachers are probably all offering versions of what they do online now. So that's an interesting option to consider that socially distanced There's always software based learning resources like Khan Academy to Supplement and don't forget your networks. My mom is teaching art to my daughter's once a week they really get into that. That's like an hour long activity they learn about different artists and they. Make work. There is high school students and college students all over the country that are banding together to offer tutoring sessions and I would recommend picking one or two. You know a great interest for your kids or something that they really need to work on or both to kind of supplement what's going on with with the remote learning once you have a handle on your own needs and your kids needs. then. It's time to kind of look at your broader community and think about bringing other kids into the mix so that your your kid can have some social interaction, right? Yeah and obviously you're GonNa want be on the same page with the. In that circle you'RE GONNA. WanNa talk about you know how big is your circle? How much exposure do you have on a regular basis to other families in their habits and obviously you're also GONNA want to double down on the basics handwashing mask wearing again, the honor system anytime you start thinking about spending time with other families you need to have a conversation, those families you need to be able to discuss and bring up what precautions everyone's taking. If there's been any exposures, are you comfortable asking someone to take a test one mother I talked to who is thinking a lot about forming a pod because she has? An only child is prudence. Carter, and she also has some respiratory health issues herself. So she needs to be extra careful really really be able to like talk openly about testing and taking temperature washing hands and social distancing and everybody has to be admitted to that. You know let through kind of the different options you have as a household or with family or friends What about if you decide you need to and can afford to pay for childcare What are we looking at here? I? Mean some families are talking about sharing a tutor or a sitter. Some districts are starting to open up subsidized care. And we know there are lots of childcare centers that have reopened although they may have fewer slots, available and then of course, there in home daycares that are interestingly you know opening their doors to slightly older kids who you know they. They might have previously focused on pre kindergarten kindergarten. and. Now maybe they are taking second third fourth

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