Questions you need to be asking employers regarding the Pandemic

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Good morning friends. It is Wednesday in it is time for another episode of our job search advice podcast up so that we do weekly every Wednesday and it comes out every Wednesday at seven eight am, and this is really just an opportunity to try to do as much as we can on our end to help you as you might be going through a job search or even considering a new opportunity or maybe. You're in a position where you feel like you need to pivot your career because the pandemic because of the changes that have occurred everything is very chaotic, and so we wanted to try to level the field a little bit by providing you with as much information as we can on the job surge in the career search some career advice that kind of stuff. So this one's going to be relatively short because I'm. kind of relates the idea of the employment brand. Now, if you haven't been following any recruiters only ten for the past number of years, you may not have seen a lot of these posts about recruitment marketing, employment branding, and fact it's really why my career fit actually exist in the sense that we help employers tell you about what they're like more than just what you're going to find a job description more about their culture and their mission and the vision. That's what that's about. But what's interesting because of the pandemic Mark Cuban actually the the businessman famous business guy. Quoted I. Think this was probably right around the beginning of April. So not long after the coronavirus hit hit the United States he came out and said how companies respond to this crisis is going to define their brand for decades and if you didn't take care of your employs or stakeholders and put them first, you were that company. So. Basically his idea was to say, look you better be taking care of your people as best as you possibly can during this pandemic because if you don't, it's going to come back to haunt you and you're going to have a really hard time hiring people because they're going to be wondering, how did you treat your people during the pandemic? So I wanted to provide a few questions that you can ask during the interview now and even later down the road even maybe after this whole pandemic has over still some questions that you can continue to ask potential employers that you are considering. How they treated their employees, how they handled the pandemic. In, these questions actually come from Amanda Webb. She's the head of people at a company called Jim Sharpe. And she had posted these questions on twitter and I'll give you the whole read but also obviously provide you the questions to but her her tweet was this. The actions of employers is speaking a thousand words. At the moment we must remember this when applying for new roles. So here's some key questions for the interview e to ask the interviewer it could be this. What initiatives did you put in place for your employees during Kovin? What business is were most represented during cove it and what behaviors did the leadership team demonstrate when making difficult business decisions during cove. and. The last question was, how did you communicate with your employees during covert? So I. Think these are fantastic questions because it really get to the heart of the employer and how they cared for their employees. Did they just say they were care for their employees or did they really take action and? Whether actions backed up by their company values their guiding principles, their mission and their vision. Really. One thing like for a great example, this airbnb when they started to lay people off because of the pandemic. They created what they call the AIRBNB alumni list, and basically this was a long list that I believe they actually made public through Google doc where recruiters employers could go and find employees who were being laid off at Airbnb and they made their information public. So you had access to their job title what they did their contact information, and maybe even a link to a resume. was a fantastic way of supporting their employs during that time.

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