Chicago Officials Concerned About 'Bubble Trouble', Urge People To Be Selective About Social Circle Amid Pandemic


Top health officials concerned about people expanding their bubbles as they enjoy more relaxed rules and the pandemic world. The story this morning from W. BBM political editor Craig Della more Dr Allison are witty, Chicago's public health commissioner says people have developed what she calls there Bubbles. Those close family and friends, you know, have been taking all the cove in 19 precautions, but the restrictions have loosened. The problem is As those people start to be looser with their interactions, they're bringing risk into the bubble into the household into the friend group. This, the commissioner says, is when those feelings of safety can betray you. People are one day hanging out with a group of 5 to 10 people in the next day in a different group of 5 to 10 people in the next day, a different group provides 10 people. And throughout all of that, you're bringing that risk potentially sort of back into what people had previously perceived as sort of a day for empire. So, the doctor says, Avoid the bubble trouble and keep your circles tight.

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