WeWork from the Dead WeWorks profitability (?). Dominos fortressing strategy. JetBlue & American Airlines colludiness. - burst 2

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Wild interview on what he's expecting over the next year. This is what he said. By next year twenty, twenty one, we will be basically a profitable venture with an incredible diversity of assets. Yeah, can you please pick up your phone for a second and? and. See the counter invited. Just say Oh here. We go next year. We Work Profitability Great July Twentieth. Two Thousand Twenty one jack and I will be there. You'll be listening to this pot now. The Keyword and I noticed in this announcement by we work. Is The word basically basically? Basically, basically, he said we will be basically profitable by next year. Nick. I'm basically a billionaire Jack. This basically feels like what Uber tried to have adjusted profit on us like two months ago.

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