The road to electric vehicles with low sticker prices

Clark Howard Show


About five percent of vehicles being purchased each month or electric and the United States I think it's only around two percent but we're getting very close to the tipping point where the actual purchase price. Without any government incentives or subsidies will be cheaper for an electric vehicle. A gas engine. Tesla. had. Their much over hyped battery day recently where they talk about the things that they are planning and how they're going to get the cost down and one of the things that was headlined is that a five thousand dollar electric vehicle will be available in about three years time but Tesla. You believe it when you see it, but generally I must tends to over promise but not under deliver over promise on timeline. But the trend line is clear that the cost of batteries down eighty, five percent in ten years and the price curve keeps bending all around the world. And so once you have an electric vehicle, I can tell you it's much much much more fun to drive than a gas engine vehicle, the range getting better and better the new. Tesla. An model goes five hundred miles on a charge or will go five hundred miles on a charge. Yes. That's early next year right now the best they have is four hundred miles to charge, and so the range anxiety people have had will go away. Although the focus has been on. Mostly, what Tesla's dine in what others are chasing behind them with passenger vehicles? The big market place. In the big effect on people's wallets going to be with businesses that are going to electrify their entire fleets. You're going to see that Amazon in particular. is going to be way out front. With their massive fleet delivery vehicles going one hundred percent electric ups and Fedex are GonNa trail some but then no name trucking companies. Or going to overwhelmingly. Migrate. To Electric, which is going to reduce the cost of distribution in the United States because the electric vehicles are so much cheaper to run. THAN THE GAS ENGINE ONES And this is an important thing for our vehicle market with GM. Ford and Chrysler. They've gotta get moving with us because foreign automakers are pouring tens of billions of dollars each. Into electrifying their fleets because they know that's where everything's going. And I want our American on appeal manufacturing to be strong and remained strong. And we've got to. Be Innovators. We've gotTA. Be Moving ahead of the rest of the world. Not trailing them.

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