US House Democrats Crafting New $2.2 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Package

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House. Democrats are preparing smaller corona virus for the leaf package. All right. So it's a trillion dollars less than their last proposal, but a trillion dollars more than what Republicans are ready to do. So they split. That More, but roughly, so they split the difference source tells us that the two point four trillion dollar package would include enhanced unemployment insurance stimulus checks, small business loans, and aid to airlines, and it says here you can talk to the right or the price tag is still about a trillion dollars more than the Republicans latest offer. But. But thought the skinny deal was something like seven or eight, hundred, billion dollars trillion dollars. Rounding now I think and I. Know They are in Congress Lana rounding lot around rounding going on. In fact, they probably call this isn't there I mean if you're. Just, a couple of hundred billion. So why not round that around? That's right well like we really have to pay. Right it the idea that it looks like they're getting closer together but not really I, mean, they're still talking about a massive difference between the two sides and I don't think there's much chance Manuchehr yesterday they're ready to restart talks but didn't give a timetable for any of that and I don't see how this happens before the election I just don't. Probably not and. I think both it's weird because I think. I mean you saw Goldman Sachs yesterday for for GDP for not the third quarter but for the fourth quarter from six to three. Based on. You know not having prospects for more stimulus so I can tell you that. The election will be over but I think the administration would like six percent a lot more to be able to brag about that although we're going to get that flash number for third quarter which should be. Twenty plus. like two weeks before a week and a half before the election. So you're going to hear how great debt is biggest-ever I guess twenty, three, twenty, four percents we heard from Brian Moynihan yesterday who said that you should have additional aid, but it should be targeted the Democrats in this latest thing that they've put forth still have payments going directly to people you know payments across the board president trump has mentioned that be something he'd be interested in but I think it. Makes a lot of sense and and this is something you would probably hear from most of the Republicans with the smaller in the Senate with the smaller package that they've signed off on the idea of sending a blank check to ever sending a check to everybody regardless of whether or not you've been impacted on this. We'll probably pass the time of needing to do something like that. You need to get it to the businesses into the people who are suffering the most right now. Yes greed agreed.

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