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We just recently had bitcoin cross twelve, thousand dollars it ran up you know to to grand over the course of a weekend pretty much. While big money was asleep in, you know out on their yachts. And then it came crashing back fourteen hundred dollars in five minutes who's responsible for these kinds of moves behind the scenes you've been around forever. Can you give us any kind of insight into why bitcoin can be you know more exciting than ever pay pals on board US banks have been cleared to get on board why would there be a fourteen hundred dollar price crash in five minutes? So. As you say up in which the charts like daily, since two, thousand, twelve and. Becomes always been volatile because it it's hard to like get specific value and it's always despite some sentiment narratives. But now we've got these hundred x leverage which dominates trading in markets in volume and a lot of other things are getting their prospect. David from from mix in the lock. So I really try to particularly begin did not even look at that price m a lot of people always say that and not to worry about it but honestly that number on the screen now that we're getting from these hundred exchanges is just not relative. So if you arrive with negotiating OTC you, as you say, we'd probably be negotiating around eleven thousand dollars somewhere in the middle, but we're not wired about the day-to-day process if I'm going to buy million dollars of becoming a few on the weekend and it feels funny. Way Not rookie out Monday in on paying twenty percent less negotiating on seven I average price or something like that and that's why people really need to think about it because these big wild and try it is that you know the K levels that everybody's watching they know everyone stops even some of the exchanges that had against their own customers or whatever. So they can push the crossed this level of volume in liquidities inner on weekends where we've seen a lot of this stuff. You low time it gets pushed up on the weekend, and then he gets sort of smashed back down by Monday morning and it's just these guys. They can push markets around. So Tokyo don't worry about it too much. Yeah outlets, good advice and I think these derivatives exchanges is probably the biggest difference between this bull run and the last one. In fact, the very end of the two thousand seventeen bull run is when bitcoin was launched on Sami futures and bit. Mex- came to live like the literally the day of that was the top of the market. So with these with the huge money being able to make profit in both directions and manipulate things almost in three. D.. As opposed to two D now is holding dead or is that still going to be a profitable strategy for people that are just trying to get into crypto? Absolutely holding is still the most profitable strategy in Atto Ole as I really think you should just be dollar cost averaging into to join the May I'm a huge belaboring Theorem as well, but I guess that's up to you whatever ye locked. But over time these markets growing to an enormous market cap and when you zoom out, it's almost slightly SOCK on as low shots that we look at because of the exponential growth and people just. Tied down in the Diet a diet. All should aboard here or crippled he. Never, GonNa beat the bottom never gonna peak the top and you're getting get shaken outy few wiles. Enjoy the ride, use it to your advantage. You know set some low beads exchange, review the computer. When we have these thousand crash, you know just by a little bit extra from adult cost averaging stack because over time the wires cannot manipulate the process. It's it's going up into the rot as long as we continue to grow, which is going to grow into the trillions of dollars among cap for Bitcoin for these other leading particles. So use that. To your advantage Derby August football, even nowadays fustrating. one-sided caught a thought that we've got to leverage bitcoin people. I'm going to speculate outside D two, thousand, seventeen. That's something that was seeking is GonNa play out but then we saw excited like FDA at high leverage on these outs. So it was like a guy will allow people to. Try to outs on one hundred times leverage will I guess of course, the gravy and you might afford you in Allah and that sort of Chinese and now it's like twenty seventeen on steroids I think he's really going on honestly think that we're about to say all the robinhood tried his diabetes detritus. Most. Countries than we sold, the nasdaq-listed Company mockery strategy put money to bitcoin notes. It's to be I and now wants to be lost. We've seen that now with legendary invest poultry to giants I think we're GONNA say we'd State actors like governments or Central Bank somebody's going to be first and then that he's GonNa, stop the peaceful run lost

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