Zhenya Oganian Founder & CEO, ESCS (eSports Championship Services) on How His Product Can Change Esports


But I, always full east and I am not as the sometime ago is it Growing, but it's still like you know what happens you have so many tournaments that from o'hare, and if you WanNa do championships really you have to manage different systems in discouraged by the tournament you names him. And it's difficult. I mean as a blades difficult and then you have to Luminol roker incense again, game have to find the open anthony so. Maybe it can be done better actually, and this is how it basically came to our. Eight year is traveling tranship services stacked up so These my team we decided to dry and change this. So graded that from that, literally, as you said, allows n game of Brown to integrate is put services around it in just fifteen minutes, ano- every every game every every sauce says, Hey, it's easy just to come on come on you can do that and then two hours of later who come with. And you're like, yes, it's fifteen means you're doing some syndrome. Beneath. Two minutes. Walk. In the integrated stream essence, you sent up your Chanter Simpson, our extremely who's a friend of front and you're done you open your game you see southern the our beautifully assists lager. You last opens assist system as Tappan Zee see immediately, your game east I think of logging ends ACC teams in leagues though Elleray in ongoing. Championships. And Emerson houses ultimately did. So when for example, the chimp turns ships automated you set up a bouncer running on schedule you can change your goals again. EMBIID new service. For example, in game streaming, you don't have to incomes. IMPO game. So it's really literally that simple and. Offered as a game do it'll but you can one thousand. So, you'll set you decide how much you'll bless shoop bay was an expert service inside your game. And you'll bless pain and the middle ramming share as usual. So this. So we roped on it was in months via launched, rated like a couple weeks ago you can save yourself some basic in rent. More or less and. We stopped at to reach out to Gandhi little I find. because. You know we need to choose a market. You'd have great vision. We need some sales so far IRV disrupt last week it was as you said, it was like rain rain. Go Away. About via getting basically great few Basal Osorno no matter who are we in two guys you're interested in the right time and so. I WANNA have. I WANNA, have it with player I won't I mean it's so convenient that basically makes hosting comfortable and those programs Bluey. Yo. This is a basic bedroom. What I, what I thought originally was so interesting about your business is and I was talking actually to my class about this today 'cause we were discussing leagues in League business models and things like that, and you know the differentiating between third party organizers like ESL and Dream Hack and and publisher own leagues like Overwatch League or call of duty great and and one of the comments I made to my class. Which I believe very strongly is that because East sports is all of a sudden seen as a revenue source not as a cost right as an expense but as a true potential source of revenue more and more game publishers will want to control. I. Think Their Own East sports destiny right? We'll want to have their own functionality will not want to outsource to third parties to to do that and I think. What was so cool about what you're doing is in some ways, you allow any publisher to that to take control of their e sports. Destiny

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