WW2 Era Bomber [B-25] Crashes Near Stockton Airport


World War Two era bomber a B twenty five crashes near Stockton Airport. And this is from ABC ten dot. COM Stockton. California World War. Two era bomber crashed about five miles away from Stockton Metroplitan. Airport on Saturday night San Joaquin County sheriff's officials said Sheriff's officials said the pilot tried to land and a field before striking a ditch the plane received significant damage in the crash officials said, three people were on board the plane to receive non life threatening injuries while another person was able to walk away. Fine the fine the two injured occupants were transported to the local hospital. NTSB and F. A. A. Officials will take over the investigation into why the plane crashed. And we have some audio and let me set this up a little bit from live ATC dot net when they're traveling on these these old warbirds warbirds. They usually have like a chase airplane somewhere following them for support and such, and in this case, it's a bonanza. The the the be twenty five started in Chino and flew up to northern California stopped at the nut tree vacaville airport for a bit, and then took off again and was heading over to stockton to have some repairs done to the airplane. There's A. Depiction of the of the flight, the latter part of the flight to nut tree in Vacaville, and then over the Stockton, and then after the repair work is going to be accomplished remains work whatever it was. They were GONNA do at Stockton they're going to return to the east coast where it's based. and. Let's see. So let's play a little bit of the live ATC video. Audio and again, you'll hear the bonanza flight. That'll be the first thing you here and then you'll well as the only thing you'll hear and then the. Conversation with air traffic. Control. And Five for. This house was. Hurt another aircraft on have had mentioned barriers end up in a real you have A. Four six Charlie on your. Show. Costs on my radar. because. Go beyond. Their. Back. Why get her? Face thinking To conceal sauce. Related but I'm thinking. You'll see. Now. Sesa someone. Signals. Pursuing the. Okay approach. But added four. By Juliette Again I. Think, they just want you to feel. Size threes earliest immerse fourteen size threes Julius summarisers. SANAE. As. Five for you. One Zero. Three one three. PG. At bars. Right now. Anything I think. Sex. Someone else sees. Medicine. and. Something somebody. Say Is. Feels dipping. My. Window. Here you able to get. Services. Much as Up. Jeff. And let's see Joel senior. Happens. Like you're lonesome. We'll. Just west she lives. Sergio, how many souls onboard? Underground. Rice. Now, you want to say machines orange. Continuing to Saas, you can get on their way events. Six years. Source Force. Twenty, five injured. I think Julius. how many people are in This. Industries for now you can suicide. Let's see. If you. Melissa. Doing there's there. Is. The airplane by about three hundred yards. Yeah. Julius veterans. Go. There's the. Exciting. audio there in the chase plane. Giving the information thankfully. The chase plane was out there and was able to locate. The be twenty five in help direct emergency services to the location another your news reports say. The injuries are not life threatening. I don't know if you call it minor or not. It depends on. Report you're looking at here. Bet. The third occupant was not injured. I'm hoping that it looks like. By the way if you have a link to this in the show notes. One Brown the Block Leo. Channel did. A really nice video of this and he has got a lot of interesting information about the airplane and the fact that had just returned. Remember we talked about earlier show the World War, two era bombers or aircraft that were on the Essex L. HD navy ship that was heading over to Hawaii. To Commemorate the seventy fifth anniversary of the end of World War Two and Hawaii It had just that was one of the airplanes they. Put It on a crane and put it on the the deck of the L. HD and it sailed over to Hawaii. They did the comeback. So basically, this is all glories getting ready to return all the way to its home on the East Coast and. let's say the. So he had some other interesting photos of where the be twenty five ended up in a ploughed field, and if it hadn't been for that irrigation ditch it would have been a much better. Outcome and does you know it still doesn't look like there's a Well I. Guess. If you're looking at the engines that were torn off against the damage is quite extensive on the engines but I'm hoping what I'm trying to say is I hope that they'll be able to. Scrap the thing completely, it'll be able to fix it but I don't know. It's great. History. Escape. Doesn't I. Mean. There are people out there who are willing to build a new aircraft will build well, two aircraft. A very small amount some the this is a complete more or less So I'm sure that somebody in who who has got the money and there are plenty of people out there who loves this sort of thing Bail to fund it, but it's just a it's just a tragic. Result

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