GSMC Football Podcast Episode 619: Pete Carroll is Outdated - burst 20


MLB has had to scramble to figure out what on Earth. They were GONNA do for their season. The NFL has been sitting pretty for months in originally, it was they were planning. They were going to start the season. The exact same way, and of course as time has gone on it. We've gotten closer and closer to time for the NFL to comeback. The plans have changed to the point. Where now there's no preseason. Players are now just starting to come into the buildings, but it's not all the players. The roster sizes I think have been cut from ninety two eighty for what you can have during training, camp and everything, so that's GonNa make it even harder for some of these undrafted free agents. These guys who don't have much tape. It's GonNa make it even harder for them to make the teams. But just on top of this coronavirus pandemic that apparently the NFL is has just been really slow to the party on exactly how serious it is, and how much testing does need to go on? While they need to worry about that. I also feel like they need to make sure that they navigate. Any anthem controversy that comes their way. I am sure that that that the president is going to have more to say when the season starts, and as it goes on because i. just have this feeling that he is going to see. Multiple sidelines. With players kneeling during the anthem. Again my solution for it has been. Just put the players back in the locker room. They used to not be out there during the anthem just put the players back in the locker room in just get or even get rid of the anthem at the beginning of these games. It does not need to be played. But I don't think they're gonNA do that. So I think there's a lot of things that that get Dell and these owners and everything they need to they need to. They need to be on their toes. When they make some of these moves in a decisions, they cannot rush these players to not neil. They need to make no statements about it. They need to have their players backs and support their right. To freely and peacefully protest. On top of that. So I think the it's the owner of the New York. Jets he has recently been exposed for having made sexist and racist comments. He this is a side note kind of thing I. Think the NFL. They need to the only thing. I believe that they can do with this guy is remove him from his ownership of the jets I think it's the only thing you can do. Is Inexcusable. The comments that he had supposedly made, and I just feel like. If the NFL wants to take this side wants to take the side of the players and be on the right side of history in a league that is predominantly African American over seventy percent African American. This owner had supposedly made comments on why black the black community with a separate month to celebrate black history, and argued that black fathers didn't remain with their families, and that was the real challenge I mean. That's just one of these supposed comments that he has made. So. He has a watchdog group over right now I strongly believe that they need to remove him from his ownership group of the team, but that is just my opinion. anyways stay tuned the final topic of the day. My top ten underrated players in the NFL. I'll talk a little bit more about that right after the states in.

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