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The pandemic has sent us all home without access to gyms, hair salons movie theaters. So what's a documentary into do? Peter Spier Academy Award nominated producer director has been making films for several decades dock. He says the documentaries are now finding a renaissance in streaming. One of the unexpected side benefits were filmmakers and peters going to tell all about it Peter. Yes thank you very much a pleasure to be here with us. To tell us about what's going on in streaming. So right now. Because of Covid people are staying home. Fortunately, streaming has really picked up since that time and their reports for the strenuous got up between thirty five and forty percent, so people are now. Using streaming taxes, all of their content Bluefin's shows the Netflix. We're talking about Netflix. Talking about Amazon Voodoo Fandango Comcast Cox. All of these platforms are doing very well. You've got a bunch of different. Movies are out there right now. Summer old summer newer. Tell everybody about what you've got in what what you've seen it. Is it been easier to get them up there? So let's start with telling everybody about some of the titles. Right, so I have a couple of club rugged entertainment. We have three titles right now. A film that I got back from a distribution company called Doug's more which we now have on Amazon Voodoo and Fandango? Probably a few others Newfield called the Sharm hate about the OT. PT Community and that film is currently on all platforms. And we're what's called transactional video so for your for people out there that don't know the difference. There's a transactional video which means you have to rent the video there s Vaud or Day. which subscription video which would be services like? Netflix and Hulu at Amazon and Yeah, so those are the two main. Video. in demand on demand services. Are You finding? There is a bigger thirst for documentaries from the buyers right now than there was before covert. I think with the emergency. Some big documentary programmes tiger king right now out of control in terms of popularity Are you know the jinx? That was another one that kind of broke through and we're looking at documentaries that. Are Not only one offs, but sure. I have what's called a one off. which is just single episode, but. They're also you know episodes. Alike limited a limited series for it's. One two I mean would say three to five or six episodes now. How are you finding the documents as Documenta? How're you finding as a documentarian? Being able to shoot right now when we're social distancing and we're wearing masks, and you're not supposed to be going out and doing these things how you're getting stuff done. It's almost impossible I you know. I think the industry is trying to come to terms with how we are going to move forward shooting the biggest issues insurance so being able to cover, not only the liability. But to protect the crew, that's a whole thing, but you know what it's easier with documentaries and doing a full on production so I think you. Wall Street documentaries because of the cost and the. The smaller impact with the size of the crew well, you could always interview people outside. You don't have to interview them in their office and that has to help right. Well people are doing those kinds of things and then there are you know because people are getting accustomed now to save zoomed interviews, there are documentarian making. Documentaries using zoo. Which is pretty interesting so They're just setting it up and you know you do your interview it. Routing out with other kinds of clips and archival footage, but yeah I mean. People are doing all kinds of work around to make this. If you watch the local news or the National News, it's now become the reporter introduces. As Zoom interview basically and they they cut back and forth between the reporter, staring this computer, his or her computer, and then there's zoom interview. So how do you? You Always WanNa, take documentary docu documentary and take it to another level. So how do you make that more instinct? Well I think in those cases. They're using just the. presets of that look. I think if you're doing the documentary yet more time to creatively do with that particular interview, but you bring up a good point, and you only have limited resolution and quality to zoom interview and. you know unfortunately you have to deliver to the platform, and the platform may reject it based on the quality, so it's definitely something that's going to have to be navigated. Okay finally, tell everybody, but does more. This was the film that you did several years ago. It's been lost lost for years, and it's now back alive again. Thanks to streaming, so plug it in television, yes! Dunn's more features. wwl Brown could name. Harbison Talia Shire a Barry Corbin. Some really cool actors. It's kind of who done it I call it You know a small a town film. On steroids and it's very cool, cool film. And I've got disarm hate about the LGBT committee that's got documentary out now. Streaming narrated by Harvey Fierstein and we have our latest film. Michael Debar. Who Do you walk me? Be About? His kinda zealot type character who was in the film shirt with love and also performed of a billion people at live aid. And why is there a documentary? Why is there a documentary about him now? Well. He's also currently DJ Little Steven's underground garage his second. Biggest DJ that's to Howard Stern, so he's very popular on Siriusxm but He's got an incredible life I. Mean you know it's? It's also a story about recovery. And I'm telling you no matter what you've been through in your life, it will not compared to what he's been through. You can't even imagine the stories the sky half well you. You'll get to see in the film so if you're going to go off and watch documentaries on streaming this weekend. Where should we go? go to Amazon Tango all those places. VOODOO COMCAST COX but the three films to watch Dunsmore. Michael the bar. Who Do you want me to be and disarm me and you could see them on Fandango, Voodoo and Amazon. All of those react Peter spier rugged releasing.

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