Wildfire smoke brings haze, vivid sunsets to East Coast


And and smoke smoke from from the the West West Coast Coast wildfires wildfires has has drifted drifted all all the the way way to to the the East East Coast. Coast. ABC ABC is is Kaylee Kaylee Hartung Hartung reports. reports. Satellite Satellite images images show show the the massive massive smoke smoke clouds clouds from from the the record record breaking breaking wildfires wildfires spreading spreading all all the the way way to to New New York. York. Portland, Oregon is ground zero with the worst air quality of any major city in the world. The state handing out 250,000 in 95 masks. We're seeing a lot more people with productive cough. Dry cough, shortness of breath. A lot of those symptoms sounding like they overlap with Kogan 19. It's difficult to tell at first who has has Kogan Kogan 19 19 and and who who has has an an irritant irritant from from the the pollution. pollution. We're We're leaving leaving Thiss Thiss danger, danger, the the result result of of more more than than 70 70 fires fires raging raging in in 10 10 states. states. Destroying Destroying thousands thousands of of structures, structures, killing killing at at least least 27 27 people. people. In In the the last last week, week, Stories Stories of of tragedy tragedy Emerging Emerging 16 16 year year old old Josiah Josiah Williams Williams of of Barry Creek, California, died as he attempted to flee the fire quickly engulfing his hometown. His brother. Tried to get back up in there, Tio get him. His dad tried to get back up that narrow get him. It's not anybody's fault. These things happen, and it's horrible, Horrible, Millicent catamarans. It died in the same fire, her family devastated and grappling with agonizing uncertainty. Her sister Susan, one of dozens still missing in the West. A family waiting too long before trying to evacuate. What they didn't know is that there is a wall of flame moving at them and over 1000 yards an hour. They don't think they understood that the smoke is stagnant in the air, and there's no relief expected for a few more days. All this While there is the possibility again of high fire danger this

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