Then Colton Underwood started to send harassing text messages to keep to Cassie Randolph. Then.


Bradley show, we had a little conversation about Colton Underwood in this restraining order that his ex girlfriend has been granted against him. Cassie Randolph is her name. This is the culling and Bradley show my talk 1071 streaming live that might talk 1071 dot com Everything. Entertainment Colleen Lindstrom Bradley trainer's doing a civic duty. He's on jury duty. We don't no one will see him again. But that's fine. We were just waiting. Holly Roberts and I are here with you on DH. So okay, So what we know as of yesterday is that on Monday Of this week, Ah, Judge signed off on Cassie Randolph's request for a temporary restraining order against the former bachelor star Colton Underwood. He was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her her home. And her workplace. He's also prohibited from contacting her and must not harass, threaten or attack her. This restraining order is going to expire in October, 6th and then there will be a hearing. Okay, so That's what we know right now. But you know, we were like, Well, that's awful. Yeah, well because Further context. Cassie Randolph was the woman that Colton Underwood became quote unquote engaged Tio during his season of the bachelor, right, So this was a relationship made. In reality TV purgatory exactly. On day broke up before June of this year. And he's been seen cavorting with others and otherwise seeking attention. But what is interesting about this is we didn't have a lot of information about what actually Precipitated this, And now we do we have I have here some of the stories That they're not stories because they're not stories there. Really some of the things that happened that led up to this restraining order. So she says, Cassie Randolph does that these incidents took place between June but then the majority of them happened in August, but the story that starts in June Starts when she was visiting. Did we talk about this part yesterday? That she was visiting her family in Huntington Beach. Which is about 30 miles from Los Angeles, where Colton Underwood lives. And in the early mornings morning of the day when she was visiting her family's home. Her brother saw Colton Underwood in the alley outside her bedroom at two in the morning, man. We talked about it a little bit, but not in that detail. Not in that detail. So, Yeah. He was outside her bedroom window at 2 32 o'clock in the morning. He was confronted by her brother, Kasi's brother, and at that point, then Colton Underwood started to send harassing text messages to keep to Cassie Randolph. Then. A little bit more recently. She

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