It Votes For Creepy Joe Biden Or It Gets The Riot Again! What You Need To Know About The Coming War - burst 4


Taylor Caroline counties, what is sovereignty? Can you define what sovereignty day would sovereignty is? It is. A power. To exit to power to to. To legislate a will to enact. Fear the power to pass the law and you have the will to enact. It makes you that was the king or queen or governor or legislature It said we all have that similar sovereign power sort of let me go to the phones. This is todd McClure. McClure tables DOT COM. Who is a long-time supporter and booster of the crusade channel and I I if you're looking for someone is actually waded out into the into the breach Joe and Joe say and wage war against these these people talk Laura Your Guy Laura, how are you? I am glass. How're you? Mike I'd like to say like. I've been thinking since you remember Robin I can't remember the guy, the comedian. the Vietnam thing. So Good Morning Vietnam, but it's good morning and. Robin Williams Good Morning. But. You know. I I what you talking about everything that you just mentioned is exactly. Where we're at and people want to wrap their brains around everything, they don't want to put their heart into it I am blessed in grand rapids that I have a society chapel ten minutes around from around the corner from my house and I've been attending mass there throughout the shutdown didn't barking lot quite a while and I'm still a member of my parish which the traditional mass twelve thirty and I spent a lot of friends down there. We have a men's pillars group that we do the and and fifty three four has come one time, and if he's listening, he's welcome to come and can get or anybody in grand rapids area. We have a men's billers group at six am on the second and fourth Saturday of every month at sacred heart of Jesus parish, and it is run by a religious that director, and we used to do the psalter in the morning, and now with the bishops rules I. Loved it because I didn't go for wild I've gotten last couple of weeks. But now with the business rules, what we're doing is the. Music director leads the skull as the singing of Saint Joseph's in Latin, and so that's all we're doing, and we're spending an hour and silent admiration front of our blessed sacrament and everything that's going on i. Wait that's out there I heard some of the people on your show talking about the way to the Eagle I've felt it before at places like abortion clinic you could even you can even feel it. Praying a graveyard, you can feel the good spirits, but you can also fill the the way to the evil If you WANNA get closer to God pray close to the debt but you at the same time I am feeling. The power of the angels and I feel it's kind of like how diamonds are made in the rough right. Now, this stuff that's going on is we're making the fosters. There are so many saints being created. Oh You know what? That's something that. CanNot Be said loud enough and often enough because we have all of these are people out there these vested interest in their media enterprises and things stain rotten and people thinking that they're rotten you can't bring themselves outside of Archbishop. Vegan oh to say that, hey, man there saints being created right now do God's make an army of Saints Right now?

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