Number three sports story, Probably all


Number four Indian playoffs back tonight. Full swing Conference Finals. You got Miami in Boston. That's Game two at 4, P.m.. And again as I say you don't You don't mess with Spoelstra Soldiers, Thie. All MBA teams were name. We got no warriors this year. No surprise there, but we got the strange pandemic year, but the usual names are coming to the surface. LeBron Dionis, Luca Harden. Anthony Davis. The usual suspects. Lukas first now, 21. That's it. That's it. Record for him Welcome Lou, and also want to note that LeBron just set an all time record. He broke a tie with Kareem Kobe and Tim Duncan, who were on 15 all n ba teams. That's LeBron's six. You Don't give me the right number three sports story, Probably all Heck is breaking loose with college sports infected. Jon Wilner, who's been covering the bejeezus out of this is going to join us at 9 35. So here's the deal. It happened during our show, You say the big 10 reversing field and voting to start their college football season starting October, 24th. And as the day went on yesterday hour by hour, the Pac 12 began to waffle. We went from the Pac 12 completely sitting out the season two now giving indications that they may have a season and they may have it as soon as Halloween. And it all started when Gavin Newsom, the Pride of Redwood High School ago,

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