Philadelphia Police: More Than 50 Shots Fired In Basketball Court Shooting That Killed 2 Men, Injured 3 Others In Spring Garden


People were killed, two others wounded when more than 50 shots were fired at a basketball court and park in the spring Garden section of the city last night. K K Y. Y. W's W's Tima Tima Menace Menace has has the the story. story. Roberto Roberto Clemente Clemente Park Park at at 18th 18th and and Wallace Wallace isn't isn't a a place place where where Deputy Deputy police police Commissioner Commissioner Melvin Melvin Singleton Singleton says says a a lot lot of of violence violence happens. happens. We We don't don't usually usually have have problems at this particular pregnant plague around here. So this is an anomaly here, but it turned into a crime scene with white chalk circles scattered all over the basketball court. Investigators were marking the shots that were fired about eight o'clock at night, and it was loud. It was 55 shots, and it sounded like automatic weapons. That's Brian Fitzpatrick, who was out walking his dog. Police say three men shot and killed 21 year old Khalid Henderson. They then fired at three others 18 year old Jade and Lucas, who was killed and 2 19 year olds who were wounded. There were a few dozen people in the park at the time, so with bullets fly Lying. Police say this could have been even worse. There was girls doing yoga right across the street as this happened, and there was someone skateboarding right on this corner, who had nothing to do with the crowd. Police have not released a motive. Some neighbors say they're worried about drugs in the neighbourhood in spring Garden. Tim Jimenez KOW news radio to

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