Emily Frazer talks about tournament scheduling

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I'm more than happy to sit down with anyone brainstorm live talk how do we evolve? So it's not about just. US Right let's work together with other companies. We worked very closely with Predator and with. You obviously a staging other events as well, but let's work with them. Let's all work together and I said it. On our lost off the rail for Mattress Paul. As, there was a time where all of the major events on the pool calendar route customers with one another and I'll hold my hands up lost years, US Open is a little bit difficult because I'll calendar. We caught clash with officiant event on Netflix event because we're only one thing. So we we conscious sit there and guy right pool calendar. Let's go here. We have to think about td schedule our own mattress scheduled. Then we have to think about the snoop cook because we shouldn't clash with a big what That would be city of us. Then we will conquer the DOTS is the same audiences us so we've got all of that to think of them we okay Paul Calende. Site that times when we were clashing with our own big sporting events and I took on the nausea. We softened big time by cashing super billiards expert that wasn't on purpose. That was just you know. The locker draw and also we weren't in communication. We just none of us were in communication but now I've started off his threat on email all of the main promoters. Oh have schedules and calendars and we'll. Share together as I secret about it. We're all trying to work together. We understand at this time of the year and the current situation things. Aw, unavoidable thing is communicating. We're talking because the end go is again more calendar multiple events on the calendar. Don't clash with other major sports, other events because that's not going to help the place. We want them to be going back to back traveling from event to event if it were up to me about the suitcase and have. Matrimonial sport event every week of the calendar year. And that doesn't bother me all. I'm still young I like to think and that would be fantastic but so. That's what we're trying to do. We're all trying we should be working to get. and.

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