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So incredible it really. Set the stage for all of these seasons to come and Richard Hatch is the first winning survivor. which you couldn't have asked for a better winner and you couldn't ask for a better person to but in motion everything that we have seen since he clearly out strategized everyone, he clearly walked into that game having a plan knowing what he wanted to do and knowing how he wanted to do it and made it all work. You got together three other people that he knew we're going to work well with him for whatever reason that was very particular reasons he chose us, people and created an alliance, which is what everybody does. On survivor and he was playing with people that were about ten spaces behind him. You know it was kind of like when you when you play a game like a board game and you get to move ahead ten spaces, that's where he started. He started ten spaces in front of everybody and just wipe the floor with all of them and as much as I remember the moment when Richard Hatch one, which is weird by the way that they announced the million

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