I cried for three years in my dressing room


Little details about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's daughter, So her name is Daisy Dove, and everybody is just loving it. Sources are saying that Katie is the one who won the battle over the baby's name that she wanted Daisy, but Orlando liked the name Fiona. Because he thought that Fiona sounded good alongside Flynn, which is his son with Miranda Kerr. I Miranda Kerr has two other boys with her husband. Evan Spiegel. So they're all kind of one big, happy, modern family, But she won and got him to agree. And I do think a lot of couples can relate to this. The battle Over the name. I mean, yeah, and somebody wins and somebody doesn't and who gets to decide And who doesn't and you know, and also Middle name's special. You wanna honor family member? I know it gets to be a whole thing. So now there's also leaked videos showing Katy Perry going crazy over a little baby named Daisy. Who is the daughter of a radio host in Australia, and this happened several months ago. And so now this radio host fans are saying that Katy Perry copied This radio hosts child's name because she met the little girl was like Daisy. Oh, my gosh, I love the name. It's so cute, and then she copied it that

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