Full Auto Friday - Round 16 with Brian Bishop

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Are you ready. I'm ready. You are aware of the format, correct I. am where the format we're going to try to keep five minutes per I. Don't know if we're going to be successful, we are going to do our best i. Solicited for questions I requested that they be controversial in nature based on your. Previous appearance before we get into the questions. How are your direct messages the day after that podcast came out they were. Mostly. Good. But some were spicy I get. Get some spicy messages from some people that were not. Thrilled with our position onto a or are definitely are voting I got mostly on masks. I got a heap of emails about people complaining about our our personal belief on masks. Well. Okay plus two way trump stuff I. Yeah. I I mean I got a couple mass things too but the other mass things got were. They were positive in nature. To the messages I got were positive nature. There were by medical professionals, p. as in doctors one of them I think had an infectious disease degree and Agreed with our position on that and said that trying to use a masks stop covid was like trying to use a chain link fence to stop a mosquito. I feel like a few mosquitoes have stopped with the chain link fence ones that can't see very well right And then there's the other position the other. Known fact that's coming to light now is that you can get covid through eyeballs. So tell us talking masks talking to a guy who actually is a first responder in a lot of most of the transmission is through the mucous membranes of the is right. So on that note are you ready? I'm ready? Question one from Mike. Okay. is beyond him a domestic terror grip not the theory but the group and Movement I see a whole lot of riot tourism going on you have for shouted this one. Begin I'M GONNA say. Yes. I'm GONNA say yes. Because the leader of black lives matter put out a statement basically to the effect of like nothing on peacefully works we're going to and I'm totally paraphrasing nothing I'm seeing verbatim on this but he He said something to the effect of he basically was like, fuck you were bringing the blood we're bringing violence. We don't care and when you're making when you're when you're the leader of a movement that supposed to be peaceful in nature and promoting The. The racial disparities in this country to try and make light of that and to you know do it in a peaceful manner. This this whole peaceful protest bullshit makes me laugh especially in light of the fact that you know the riots, the recent rights in Kenosha, which resulted in some fatalities last night which. I'm just GonNa say I'm fucking disgusted with you America, like get your shit together this this is escalated to a place where. I think it's complete bullshit. I? Don't agree with it I. Don't I don't think Americans should be killing Americans in the streets and I think that. Get your facts straight because first of all the gentleman that sparked this whole riot that was shot in the back by the police officer. From the video from what it looks like on the video, clearly disobeying police that have weapons on him and he was going for something in the vehicle was that weapon that's still yet to be determined and that information has been released but he does duck down quickly underneath the seat before he gets lit up not to mention the fact that the guy was a felon had all kinds of domestic violence and you know all day long rap rap sheet so and was already a convicted felon. So if you're out on the street and you're killing other Americans over of of a convicted felon reviews to attack manned by police that had weapons on him, you're fucking idiot. I agree I'm actually attempt to answer the question since you started talking about Wisconsin I am not going to call the entire movement a terrorist organization because terrorism would you not agree as a tactic right? What I would say is the writers and people who are trying to incite riots writing. They are using what I would consider to be a form of terrorism. They're using small numbers to intimidate large numbers. I don't know enough about the overall movement itself in its leaders to say whether or not they are a terrorist. Movement but I do think that their messaging. Is being hijacked and I don't know if that's. Implicitly complicit or by accident. But I think. that. The forest is being lost for the trees. I agree Yes. I did GONNA fucking Tangent I. It's okay. So I'll relay back the I feel like if you're if you're the leader of this organization, propose leader of this organization and you're making those kinds of statements that like basically saying there will be blood. Then you're promoting violence in your promoting I agree with you on terrorism yes. So because again, terrorism is a tactic yes, it's, and it is also immediately think about the insurgents overseas. It's really the only tactic that they have because they are numerically outnumbered right? And I agree with you if you're an American curing killing American on. American soil. Your. I don't know what to say other than I'm completely utterly disgusted in the Paul is the last thing that I would ever ever want see in my lifetime yes. I.

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